The best oral and dental care for you and your family.

Jul 27, 2019

As much as any other doctor, a family dentist is the savior of your family’s dental health and it is the responsibility of the dentist to keep your updated with all that is happening inside your mouth and particularly with your oral health.

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Childhood Obesity and Weight Problems? Visit My Pedia Clinic - Dubai’s Award Winning Pediatric Clinic

Jul 27, 2019

Effective & quick weight loss program UAE for the entire family to live a healthier, fitter lifestyle.

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Excess salt in urine during summer - Dr. Medhat Abu Shaaban Pediatrician in Dubai

Jul 20, 2019

A lot of children suffer from pain while urinating, especially during summer. Before assuming a urinary tract infection, we should remember that excess salt in the urine caused by dehydration can cause similar symptoms. Check this video by Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban to know more.

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Award for the best multi-specialized clinic in the Gulf - Dr. Medhat Abu Shaaban pediatrician in Dubai

Jul 07, 2019

Amazing news Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban would like to share with you! Thank you very much for your continuous support. We hope we can always meet your expectations. أخبار سارة يوّد ان يشاركها معكم الدكتور مدحت. شكرًا جزيلًا على الدعم المستمر ونتمنى ان نكون دائما عند حسن ظنكم

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Meet our newest addition to myPediaclinic - Dr. Abdel Hakim El-Gheriani orthodontist in Dubai

Jul 04, 2019

We’re so happy to expand our clinic so that we can further meet our patients’ needs and demands. Meet our newest addition doctor Abdel Hakim, who is an consultant orthodontist, offering many services for you to have a better and healthier lifestyle.

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Tummy pain - By Dr. Medhat Abu Shaaban pediatrician in Dubai

Jun 30, 2019

Tummy pain is common in children and it can be caused by many things. While there are certain serious conditions that require surgery, simple diet choices can cause belly ache. Watch this video by Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban to know these causes.

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X-ray During Pregnancy - Dr. Nidhi Kotak Family and cosmetic dentist in Dubai

Jun 26, 2019

X-rays in general are avoided during pregnancy. But when you come to the clinic with dental pain, should you or should you not do dental x-rays? Discover the answer with Dr. Nidhi Kottak.

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Summer tips from our doctors

Jun 25, 2019

Pediatric and nutrition tips!

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Teeth discoloration - Dr. Yasmin Kottait Pediatric dentist in Dubai

Jun 13, 2019

There are 3 main reasons for teeth discoloration in children. Watch this video for Dr. Yasmin Kottait where she explains them and tell you what to do about them!

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Bad breath - Dr. Ndihi Kottak Family and Cosmetic dentist in Dubai

Jun 12, 2019

Many people asks about the causes of bad breath and how to avoid it. Watch this video for Dr. Nidhi Kottak where she talks about the main causes behind bacterial accumulation and how to avoid it.

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