Influenza test at myPediaclinic - Dr. Medhat Abu Shaaban pediatrician in Dubai

Jan 23, 2020

Watch this video by Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban where he talks about the seriousness of Influenza and what are the common symptoms, in addition to the 3-minutes-test we have at myPediaclinic (Voted Best Pediatric Clinic in Dubai) to diagnose children with influenza.

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Children Orthodontics by Dr. Yasmin Kottait pediatric dentist in Dubai

Jan 20, 2020

Bring your child for a free dental assessment to find out if your child needs braces or not. The sooner you get an assessment and start treatment, the better the results and the shorter the duration of treatment. For the full video, by Dr. Yasmin Kottait

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Amazing reviews from our patients!

Jan 17, 2020

More positive feedback from our awesome patients! This time for our nutritionist and breastfeeding consultant, Mirna Sabbagh. It makes us extremely happy to see our patients satisfied with what we offer!

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Vaccination with Virtual Reality - Dr. Medhat Abu Shaaban Pediatrician in Dubai

Jan 15, 2020

We sympathize with children who have phobia of needles. At our clinic, and with the technology of Virtual Reality, the children can enjoy their time while we do what we do best; taking care of them!

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Children Nutrition with Mirna Sabbagh

Jan 08, 2020

We are so proud of 11 year old Noor! She has signed up for the 6 months weight loss package with our dietitian Mirna Sabbagh and has seen major transformations already and she is still half way through her package!

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Vision screening at myPediaclinc

Jan 05, 2020

myPediaclinic has the latest technology for vision screening for children!

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Excellence award for the individual volunteerism category - Dr. Yasmin Kottait Pediatric dentist in Dubai

Dec 19, 2019

Dr. Yasmin Kottait has won the Dubai Health Care City excellence award for the individual volunteerism category! We could not be more proud of her work with children in and outside the clinic.

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Protect your childs vision

Dec 19, 2019

Many parents do not consider checking their children's vision unless there are large obvious signs of vision problems. However, it is extremely important to start doing vision screening yearly starting 6 months.

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Dr. Yasmins Interview on Fujairah TV

Dec 08, 2019

Watch this snippet from Dr. Yasmin Kottait's interview on Fujairah TV, where she talks about the impacts of oral health and teeth on the psychology of the child.

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Getting rid of the diaper - Dr. Medhat abu Shaaban Pediatrician in Dubai

Nov 18, 2019

Don’t rush your child into getting rid of the diaper and using the potty! While it is very important to train them to lose the diaper at some point, it is more important that you do it at the right time.

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