Measles - Dr. Medhat Abu Shaaban Pediatrician in Dubai

Nov 10, 2019

Measles is a dangerous disease caused by a virus. It can be very severe and causes many complications such as encephalitis and pneumonia. However, it can be easily prevented by a vaccine. Watch this video by Dr. Medhat Abu Shaaban to know more about the topic.

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Fear at the pediatric dentist - Dr. Yasmin Kottait Pediatric dentist in Dubai

Nov 04, 2019

Dental fear is a frequent problem in dentistry, and if anyone is scared of the dentist, it's the kids. Several factors contribute to a child's fear of his or her pediatric dentist. At myPediaclinic (Voted Best Pediatric Clinic in Dubai), we understand this fear and we address it.

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Benefits of Probiotics - Dr. Medhat Abu Shaaban pediatrician in Dubai

Oct 31, 2019

While taking antibiotics can destroy and kill harmful bacteria, it can also kill beneficial bacteria living inside of us that our body needs for proper functioning. That is why taking probiotics is always recommended to compensate for the loss of the beneficial bacteria. What are probiotics?

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What is the best toothbrush for your kid? Dr. Yasmin Kottait pediatric dentist in Dubai

Oct 29, 2019

Ever wondered which toothbrush to get for your child? Dr. Yasmin has the answer! اي فرشاة اسنان هي الافضل لطفلك؟

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Different Kinds of Braces - Dr. Abdel Hakim El Gheriani orthodontist in Dubai

Oct 24, 2019

Watch this video By Dr. Abdel Hakim to know about the different kind of braces we have and we offer at myPediaclinic. شاهد هذا الفيديو للذدكتور عبدالحكيم لمعرفة المزيد عن انواع مقومات الاسنان الموجودة لدينا والتي نقدمها في عيادة طفلي

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toothache on a plane? Dr. Nidhi Kottak family and cosmetic dentist in Dubai

Oct 13, 2019

Toothache on an airplane? Check this video to know why most of us experience that and what can you do about it. وجع في الاسنان خلال السفر بالطائرة؟ شاهد هذا الفيديو لمعرفة لماذا يعاني العديد من هذه المشكلة وما الذي يمكننا فعله.

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Invisalign for Kids - Dr. Abdel Hakim El Gheriani, orthodontist in Dubai

Oct 10, 2019

Children who needed braces were limited with only one option: traditional metal braces. However, now, and at myPediaclinic, they have another option which is more comfortable and gives better results! Discover it with our orthodontist, Dr. Abdel Hakim.

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Importance of Routine Examination - Dr. Medhat Abu Shaaban pediatrician in Dubai

Oct 08, 2019

Many parents think it is okay to skip their children’s routine checkups at the pediatrician. However, many health problems are asymptotic at first, and when their effects start showing, it would be harder to treat them.

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Orthodontic Treatment at the age of 12 - Dr. Abdel Hakim El Gheriani orthodontist in Dubai

Sep 30, 2019

When should you start the orthodontic treatment for your child? What is the best age to start it? Should you start early or can you delay a little bit? Dr. Abdel Hakim, orthodontist at myPediaclinic answers all of these questions and more.

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Say no to candy! Dr. Yasmin Kottait Pediatric dentist in Dubai

Sep 20, 2019

Kids don’t eat candy! ابتعدوا عن الحلويات!

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