Is your child obese or overweight - Mirna Sabbagh Dietitian and lactation consultant in Dubai

Apr 24, 2019

Book your consultation today with our dietitian Mirna Sabbagh who has helped a lot of children stay healthy.

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Best Pediatric Dentistry award for 2018-2019!

Apr 13, 2019

We have amazing news to share with our patients! Once again, We have won the “Best Pediatric Dentistry Award” in Dubai by London Based MEA Markets Magazine! We are thrilled by this award and we would like to thank our patients for their trust and continuous support.

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Can pregnant women see the dentist? Dr. Nidhi Kotat family and cosmetic dentist in Dubai

Apr 11, 2019

A lot of pregnant women fear going to the dentist during pregnancy. And the reason behind that is usually not valid and based on myths and misconceptions. Not only it is safe, but it is also recommended. Watch this video for Dr. Nidhi Kottak where she talks more about the topic.

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Autism and oral health - The strategy of Dr. Yassmin Kottait Pediatric dentist in Dubai

Apr 09, 2019

In the international month for Autism Awareness, it’s important to acknowledge that affected children are more prone to develop teeth problems. That’s why, it’s very important to know how to deal with them and get them to cooperate with the dentist.

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Autism - Dr. Medhat Abu Shaaban Pediatrician in Dubai

Apr 07, 2019

Many children get misdiagnosed with autism. Sometimes, simple problems such as hearing and vision problems can lead us to believe that the child is autistic when in fact they’re not. Watch this video by Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban where he talks more about it.

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Dentistry for autistic children - Dr. Yasmin Kottait pediatric dentist in Dubai

Apr 02, 2019

April is the month for Autism Awareness. For this occasion, Dr. Yasmin Kottait takes the chance to talk about autistic children visiting the dentist. There are 3 important tips that parents should take into account before bringing their child to the dentist. Watch this video.

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Travel tips by Dr. Medhat Abu Shaaban Pediatrician in Dubai

Apr 01, 2019

With vacations arriving, many parents would like to travel with their children. However, there are few tips that we can give you to make the trip easier and smoother. Watch this video by Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban.

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Whitening Sensitivity - Dr. Nidhi Kotak Family and Cosmetic Dentist in Dubai

Mar 28, 2019

Everyone wants to whiten their teeth. However, they are usually afraid of teeth sensitivity that might follow. In this video, Dr. Nidhi Kottak explains what we do in myPediaclinic to reduce the pain of teeth sensitivity after whitening.

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Nutrition and Lactation Services Offered at myPediaclinic - Mirna Sabbagh Nutritionist and lactation consultant in Dubai

Mar 27, 2019

Watch this video to see the scope of services our dietitian and lactation consultant, Mirna sabbagh, offers at myPediaclinic.

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Pediatric dentistry that caters to the childs psychology first - Dr. Yasmin Kottait pediatric dentist in Dubai

Mar 19, 2019

Healthy children are healthy teeth and healthy psychology. Because children require different and special treatment, In myPediaclinic, our pediatric dentist, Dr. Yasmin Kottait, offers a different kind of dentistry. One that is based on catering to their psychology first.

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