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Ms. Yasmine Haddad

Nutritionist Clinical Dietician

Ms. Yasmine has special experience in:  
  • Tackling Child Obesity
  • Nutrition for Special Needs Children and Autism
  • Weight & Diabetes Management
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ABOUT My Pedia Clinic - srtikner

Ms. Yasmine Haddad

Ms. Yasmine Haddad is a child and adult nutritionist and licensed clinical dietitian for all ages. Her education involved a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, a Masters in Food Technology and she is licensed dietitian by Dubai and Abu Dhabi health Authorities.

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    LET’S GET TO KNOW My Pedia Clinic - srtikner

    Ms. Yasmine Haddad

    The earlier you adapt the good habits the easier it is. Bad habits are harder to change when older, so start them young. 

    I was bullied as a child for being slightly overweight. 

    And so I decided to become a dietitian and help children become healthier versions of themselves. 

    In Switzerland for 5 years and then in Brummana, Lebanon for the rest. Thus, I fluently speak and write French, Arabic and English.

    I listen to my patients and try to understand their needs before giving any advice. 

    I care to build a healthy relationship with my patients and build trust. 

    I love children and can easily communicate with them. Most of my volunteer work is with children with special needs.