Having a great smile is something we all want for ourselves and for our children as we know how much a smile affects self esteem. However, getting braces is expensive and can be very confusing, which type of braces should I get? Where should I  do them? Who should do them for me?

At myPediaclinic, we will show you below, why we are the best choice for you including the pricing. At myPediaclinic, we offer the highest quality braces, the best price you can get for quality, and we pride ourselves for the best service and most awesome clinic in Dubai at Dubai's Pediatric Clinic of the Year for 2017-2019!

As a bonus, you get to watch your favorite series while getting your braces fixed.

Questions to be asked what types of braces are there and what do they cost? The answers are below, to know which option you would like to go for.

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What types of braces are there and how much do they cost?

Dr. Marjan offers 3 types of braces:

  • Metallic brackets (Metal Braces): those are the most common braces used. They are the ones where you can change the color of the rubber from white, red, blue, green, or a rainbow. They are fixed and cannot be removed throughout the treatment. This is the most popular one as it is effective and also the most affordable.
  • Ceramic Brackets (White Braces): Ceramic braces are very similar in functionality to the metallic but they are more esthetic, it’s almost the same color of the teeth, so you can say they  are almost invisible. They look the most natural. This is often most common among adults and teenagers. They are fixed and cannot be removed during the treatment.
  • Clear Aligners (Invisible Braces): It gives the same results of the metallic and ceramic but is assessed on a case by case basis. They are completely invisible and should be put 22 hours a day and it can be taken on and off. This is ideal for working adults. You can read more about it on "Affordable Invisible Braces in Dubai by Dr. Marjan"

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How much do braces cost in Dubai?

Each type of braces is priced differently and there's a huge range in Dubai from 6,000 DHS up to 60,000 DHS to be paid either at once or over the course of the treatment. Let's give you some information about the Dubai range and why are prices are the best. We will provide some details below about metallic braces, for the pricing for the rest please call our clinic for an appointment or drop us an e-mail, because we'd need to see you for the pricing.

Metallic Braces in Dubai they are priced differently at each center. There is a range between 6,000 DHS over the course of the treatment (2 years) and may go up to 50,000 DHS. At the lowest price range, you would not be getting the same quality or results. After studying the market, we have decided to use quality that is the same to every Dubai top center, at the lowest price we can give for this quality. Our braces range from 14,000 to 19,000 DHS for the course of the treatment and we are very confident that this is the best deal for the quality. We are so confident that we are the only Dubai orthodontic center to put our prices on the website.

Please note that this is the price for the metallic braces, including the first consultation. If you need other dental work in addition to braces, our orthodontist will let you know upon assessment.

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Does Insurance cover Braces in Dubai?

Some insurances cover part or all the cost depending on your plan and some do not cover at all. We'd be more than happy to help you get your questions answered regarding insurance

The good news is myPediaclinic is offering a 20% discount ONLY for packages booked over the summer.

With Dr. Marjan and myPediaclinic, there are no surprises in the pricing and fees. From the very beginning she discusses all aspects of treatment. Dr. Marjan offers a package inclusive of recourse, retainers, and consultations. She is currently offering 20% discount on the full package throughout the summer until September. Call myPediaclinic today on 0559311752 and ask for an Orthodontic consultation”with Dr. Marjan, to get all the details and information you need about the process or Book your appointment on the highlighted link. We know this is completely new and is an investment of not only money but also time, so we want you to completely comfortable.

Dr. Marjan Sanjarian - Specialist Orthontics at myPediaclinic in Dubai

Dr. Marjan is a specialist orthodontist practicing at myPediaclinic in Dubai. Her skills are highly regarded in her field. She has earned her DMD from Shiraz University of Medical and Science, a Certificate of Specialization in Orthodontics from Malmö University and a Master degree in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics from the European University College.

Dr. Marjan is a specialist orthodontist practicing at myPediaclinic in Dubai.

Dr. Marjan, not only follows up with the patient during the treatment, but also after the treatment is complete. She follows up to make sure everything continues as planned and is responsible for the outcome of the treatment. That’s not something you see everyday.  Book your appointment with Dr. Marjan by calling 0559311752.

Bonus points: Get entertained during bonding braces appointment

Technological Advancements used

myPediaclinic prides itself on being a high tech clinic in Dubai Health Care City which focuses on the patient getting the best treatment while being entertained by a screen on top with your favorite movie, or even Virtual Reality for the little kids so their visits can be enjoyable.

Reviews on Dr. Marjan

"Dr. Marjan is absolutely outstanding. She takes her time explaining everything to both parents and children. She is very pleasant at every visit. My son has always loved going there and got to watch his favorite program on TV! I am thrilled with the results my son has had with her" - Jane Oscar

Dr. Marjan is a specialist orthodontist practicing at myPediaclinic in Dubai.

"As an adult, I knew I needed braces but could not imagine having metallic braces and also my job in Customer Service would not have allowed for it. Dr. Marjan offered me 2 options, either the ceramic braces which are more asthetic or Invisalign which does not show at all. She assessed me for Invisalign and I was so happy I was a good fit! I am now almost done with the treatment and I already love the results" - Lina Fathallah

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