Nutrition consultations for children by Mirna Sabbagh - Nutritionist in Dubai

Mirna Sabbagh is an award winning nutritionist for adults and children. She has helped hundreds of children who are suffering from obesity or malnutrition (or picky eating). She has won Timeout Kids Award and Mypediaclinic has won best pediatric clinic award 3 years in a row.

Dealing with children and teenagers is very delicate. She uses a very special approach with children and parents as she knows weight can be causing concern and clashes in the household. For helping children with weight loss or being underweight, she works on building rapport with the children and winning their trust. She then works on explaining the right kinds and amount of food for their age and body type. The last thing she would do is make children feel guilty or bad about their body. This is a very sensitive topic and should be treated as such. For children above 3, she also uses an Inbody analysis to understand the muscle and fat body composition, her consultations are followed by developing a suitable program for optimal results. The parents and children both usually love it. You can book your appointment through the book your appointment button. Many parents have things they'd like to say without the children hearing them, feel free to e-mail Mirna on after booking your consultation explaining whatever you'd like. The first consultation is 500 DHS and each follow up is 350 DHS. A very competitive 6 months and 3 months nutrition counseling packages are available for 2500 DHS (6 months) and (1900 DHS) 3 months.

Mirna Sabbagh is the best nutritionist in Dubai for adults and children

" My daughter stopped eating sugar since we've stepped foot into Mirna's clinic. I did not imagine this would happen, and it has positively influenced our whole house and greatly influenced our relationship together. My daughter's weight is now in the normal range after she had been diagnosed as Obese" - Jen McMillon

"My relationship with my son was very aggravated because I kept nagging about him exercising more and eating less. As soon as Joe saw Mirna, she suggested that her relationship be with Joe alone and for me to take a supportive role. Since then Joe had lost all the excess weight and our relationship has never been better" Laura Ford.

The first consultation is 500 DHS followed by 350 DHS follow up. We have a 6 months package available for 2500 DHS so that your child and family gets support from day 1 until they reach their goals.

Mirna Sabbagh, adult and child nutritionist , dietitian, and IBCLC at myPediaclinic (Voted best pediatric clinic in Dubai) discusses how to prevent picky eating in children. You can book an appointment with her for picky eating on the following link