Everyone is talking about myPediaclinic's Award Winning Pediatric Dentistry Clinic in Dubai. This is because at myPediaclinic (Voted Best Pediatric Clinic in Dubai), we pride ourselves for working together as a team with parents to raise healthy and happy children. myPediaclinic covers child's health from all angles, Pediatrics, Nutrition, and Pediatric Dentistry as we believe they are all necessary and related.

In every department we make sure to have the the most qualified health care providers and the latest equipment to ensure most optimal diagnosis with the least discomfort for the child. Our Pediatric Dentistry Clinic in Dubai is a marvel to see and you will love everything from our Pediatric Dentist to the results and the way your children feel about it. Find below our details from the team, philosophy and our equipment. To book your appointment, please call 0559311752 or click the book your appointment link.

Our Team at myPediaclinic Pediatric Dentistry Department in Dubai

Meet Dr. Yasmine Kottait - An extremely popular Pediatric Dentist in Dubai

Dr. Yasmine Kottait, is the funnest pediatric dentist out there. Her approach focuses on making the children have fun and get the best treatment out there. She has 17 years of experience as a Pediatric Dentist in Dubai. Dr. Yasmine, has always focused on providing her child patients the extraordinary quality of care that they deserve and need. Her passion and commitment to give children a healthy smile stems from her deeply rooted belief that a child’s smile is the path to their future. Children from as early as 1 year of age up to 16 years are all clients that will benefit from her services and expertise the most. Special needs children, autistic or medically challenged children have a very special place; they can feel welcomed where all their dental needs are catered to. She is highly qualified in dental anxiety management.

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Best pediatric dentist in Dubai Dr Yasmin Kottait

She finds nutrition education to be at the core of her session! Check out one of hundreds of her videos

Read more about Dr. Yasmine Kottait, Specialist Pediatric Dentist on the following link: Meet Dr. Yasmine Kottait - Specialist Pediatric Dentist in Dubai

Best Pediatric Dentist in Dubai at myPediaclinic, Voted Best Pediatric Clinic in Dubai

Meet Dr. Mustafa Abdalla - An enthusiastic trustworthy Pediatric Dentist in Dubai

Dr. Mustafa is a pediatric dentist who enjoys caring for the coolest kids in the entire world (his patients). He strongly believes on how rewarding it is to start caring for toddlers and watch them grown up little by little with each appointment. He also loves it because working with kids is never a dull moment. No two kids are exactly the same, so there is a very interesting challenge that he appreciates in formulating an individualized approach of care to the little ones. He strongly believes that being pediatric dentist made him consider that every child has his/her own needs and that no two children are exactly the same. Hence, understanding the psychology of every child he gets and formulating a tailored dental care is his philosophy.

Our Philosophy at myPediaclinic Pediatric Dentistry Department in Dubai

Dental anxiety stops today - we are creating a revolution in Pediatric Dentistry.

How many adults do you see that dislike the Dentist? How many children are afraid of going to the dentist? At myPediaclinic we combine the latest equipment with the skilled tactics of our Pediatric Dentist to make sure that children absolutely love the Pediatric Dentist! Think fun, games, and behavioral approaches suitable for every age group. Last but not least think Virtual Reality! Wait until you hear about our equipment and how it's specially made to make children enjoy their visit.

Best Pediatric Dentist in Dubai at myPediaclinic, Voted Best Pediatric Clinic in Dubai

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Our Equipment at myPediaclinic Pediatric Dentistry Department in Dubai

Minimal pain, minimal radiation exposure, and the most efficiency.

The equipment used at myPediaclinic has the child's comfort in mind. Perhaps the most important is that we focus on painless dentistry. Which means children will not feel any pain even when administering anesthesia. The reason is because we use a system called STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia) which is the most advanced in the world. 

Best Pediatric Dentist in Dubai at myPediaclinic, Voted Best Pediatric Clinic in Dubai

STA allows for numbing of one tooth at a time, preventing the extreme discomfort most children feel when getting their mouth numb. This also prevents the child from biting their tongue. Children will literally not feel any pain. They will also not see the traditional large needle used for anesthesia and instead will see a tiny tiny pen that poses no danger.

Best Pediatric Dentist in Dubai at myPediaclinic, Voted Best Pediatric Clinic in Dubai

In addition, we use the latest diagnostic camera in the world of Dentistry. This tiny camera allows for the Pediatric Dentist to see any cavities without resorting to radiation which bothers both the parents and children.

Services offered at myPediaclinic Pediatric Dentistry Department in Dubai

Pediatric Dentistry Clinic at myPediaclinic (Voted Best Pediatric Clinic in Dubai) by our Pediatric Dentist  Dr. Yasmine Kottait

  • Routine Check Ups 
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Preventive Package and Anticipatory Guidance
  • Dietary Counselling
  • Frenectomy
  • Restorative services – aesthetic filling and crowning
  • Early detection and treatment of jaw problems
  • Services for medically compromised and special needs children
  • Dental Trauma Management
  • Advanced technology such as a small diagnostic camera instead of X-rays to decrease the negative affect of radiation on children
  • Painless Dentistry
  • Dental Phobia Management

Pediatric Dentistry Clinic at myPediaclinic (Voted Best Pediatric Clinic in Dubai) by our Pediatric Dentist  Dr. Mustafa Abdalla

  • Preventive dental care, including cleaning and fluoride treatment
  • Habit counseling (pacifier use, thumb sucking)
  • Early assessment and treatment for straightening teeth and correcting an improper bite (Orthodontics)
  • Repair of tooth cavities and defects
  • Root canal treatment
  • Care for dental injuries (fractured, displaced, and knocked out teeth)
  • Care for special needs and medically compromised children
  • Funny nose to help children be relaxed 
  • Treatment under General Anesthesia 

Reviews of myPediaclinic's Dental Clinic

"Finding a great clinic can be challenging. My baby was suffering from pain  from his teeth.

I couldn't trust anyone other than Dr Yasmine. She directly discussed the options and we agreed on the same day. We had a surgery scheduled without having any delay. My experience with Dr Yasmine was unbelievably amazing giving detailed information before, during and after  the

procedure, also advice on how to manage the new adjustments through recovery  was discussed. She answered all my questions in any time  of day as well. Having a collaboration between a dentist for children, a pediatrician , an anesthesiologist doctor along with a nutrition consultant 

in one place made my heart  at ease and full of happiness. Thank you Mypediaclinic for being a part of my baby's life." - Fatima Al Tenaji

"I cannot express my gratitude in finding such a fantastic dentist in Dr. Yasmine Kottait.  Dr. Yasmine is highly effecient and very knowledgable in her area of expertise. Beyond this, she genuinely cares about her patients and not only seeks to give them the very best dental procedures but helps individuals to form long lasting positive attitudes towards preventative care and excellent oral hygiene.   Dr. Yasmine has not only provided effective dental work for my daughter but completely changed my daughters attitude towards dentistry, oral hygine and  long term care, all demonstrated through a professional and caring manner, of which I am extremely grateful." -  Lily Beynon

"Another success for MyPediaClinic...This time it's dentistry...Thank you Dr Yasmine for Making my daughters tooth removal such a smooth and fun experience and most of all thank you for helping the parents understanding the process and making it less stressful. I recommend Dr Yasmine heavily as she treats both parents and children." Walid Chehab -Commercial Director, Ahlan! Group

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Best Pediatric Dentist in Dubai at myPediaclinic, Voted Best Pediatric Clinic in Dubai

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