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Growth & Developmental Assessment

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Pediatric growth and developmental assessments involve evaluating your child’s development, including physical growth, cognitive abilities, language skills, social-emotional development, and motor skills. We can identify any potential developmental delays or concerns in your child by assessing these areas early on.

At myPediaclinic, we understand the importance of monitoring your child’s growth and development. Our dedicated team of Pediatric doctors provides comprehensive assessments to ensure your child is thriving. Our experienced Pediatricians are skilled in working with children and creating a welcoming environment that puts you and your child at ease. We use age-appropriate techniques, observation, and interactive play during the assessment to gather information about your child’s progress.

Following the assessment, we provide detailed feedback and recommendations tailored to your child’s needs. It may include suggestions for activities, therapies, or interventions supporting their development. myPediaclinic guides you and provides ongoing support as your child reaches their developmental milestones. Our growth & developmental assessment aims to provide valuable insights into your child’s progress and ensure early intervention if needed. We are dedicated to supporting your child’s well-being and helping them reach their full potential.

Schedule an appointment with myPediaclinic today. Let us embark on this journey of monitoring and nurturing your child’s growth and development.

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How To Know If Your
Child Is Facing Tongue-Tie
Or Lip-Tie Problem?

Having a tongue-tie problem can cause trouble in eating, speaking, and swallowing food or drinks. You should look for the following signs to identify if your child is facing the issue.

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Look for a V-shaped notch at the tip of your child's tongue

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If your child's tongue is not able to move freely.

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Check for speech problems or trouble in enunciating sounds such as d, t, r, l, n, s, and z.

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If your newborn is facing trouble in latching, sucking, or breastfeeding.

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Check if your child's weight or growth is constantly decreasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A growth & developmental assessment comprehensively evaluates your child's physical growth, cognitive abilities, language skills, social-emotional development, and motor skills. It is a process followed by a Pediatrician to monitor the child's progress & identify any potential developmental delays or concerns.

When we check how children grow and develop, Pediatricians generally look at three things: their body and brain changes (physical development), how they learn and think (cognitive development), and their feelings, social skills, and relationships (psychosocial development). These areas help in understanding how your child is developing with passing age.

Children typically undergo routine growth assessments at specific ages recommended by Pediatricians. These growth assessments may occur during well-child visits, such as at 2 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, and so on. Following the recommended schedule is essential to ensure your child's development is on track.

If your child's growth and developmental assessment raises concerns or indicates potential delays, it's essential to follow up with your Pediatric doctors. They may recommend further evaluations or suggest treatment tailored to your child's specific needs. Early intervention and support can make a significant difference in a child's development, so don't hesitate to seek guidance from a pediatrician.

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Patients Love Us


Choosing myPediaclinic for my child's growth and developmental assessment was a decision I'm glad I made. They engaged with my child playfully, making the assessment fun rather than a clinical procedure. The assessment results have clarified what to do for my child's overall development.

Haidar Al-Shamkhani

I can't thank myPediaclinic enough for their outstanding growth evaluation for my child. From the moment we arrived, the clinic atmosphere was welcoming and child-friendly. They comprehensively evaluated all aspects of my child's growth, cognitive abilities, and social skills. Their guidance has benefited my child, and I highly recommend myPediaclinic to other parents.

Heba Jarrah

The pediatrician & team at myPediaclinic was attentive and took the time to explain each step of my child's assessment process. They checked my child's growth, language skills, and motor development before suggesting & explaining detailed insights into my child's growth. Thank You, team!

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