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Supernumerary Surgeries

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Supernumerary teeth are extra teeth that grow alongside the regular teeth. These extra teeth can pop up anywhere in the mouth and cause dental problems if not taken care of. But don’t worry, our expert Dentists are experienced in handling such cases with precision and care.

At myPediaclinic, we understand the importance of your family’s dental health and overall well-being. Supernumerary teeth, also known as extra teeth, can sometimes occur, causing concerns for both parents and children. Our skilled team of specialized Dentists is here to provide you with top-notch supernumerary surgeries, ensuring you and your child’s oral health is in the hands.

Supernumerary Surgeries at myPediaclinic –

Comprehensive Dental Assessment: 

Our Dentists begin with a thorough dental examination to diagnose the presence and location of the supernumerary teeth accurately.

Personalized Treatment Plan: 

Our Dentists will create a tailored treatment plan based on your family’s specific needs and dental condition.

Safe and Gentle Procedures: 

Rest assured that surgical option supernumerary surgeries at myPediaclinic are performed using the latest techniques and with utmost care to ensure the comfort and safety of your entire family.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: 

We are equipped with friendly and modern dental technology to deliver the possible outcomes for you and your child’s oral health.

Experienced Dentists: 

Our team consists of skilled Pediatric Dentists & Adult Dentists who specialize in treating every age group and providing a friendly environment.

Compassionate Care: 

At myPediaclinic, we strive to create a warm and friendly atmosphere to help you and your child feel at ease.

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How To Know If Your
Child Is Facing Tongue-Tie
Or Lip-Tie Problem?

Having a tongue-tie problem can cause trouble in eating, speaking, and swallowing food or drinks. You should look for the following signs to identify if your child is facing the issue.

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Look for a V-shaped notch at the tip of your child's tongue

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If your child's tongue is not able to move freely.

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Check for speech problems or trouble in enunciating sounds such as d, t, r, l, n, s, and z.

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If your newborn is facing trouble in latching, sucking, or breastfeeding.

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Check if your child's weight or growth is constantly decreasing.

Why Choose myPediaclinic For Supernumerary Surgeries?


Our team of experienced dentists has a successful track record in handling supernumerary teeth cases for children, teenagers, and adults. 

Child-Centered Approach: 

We put your child’s comfort and well-being first, ensuring a positive dental experience.

Comprehensive Care: 

From diagnosis to post-surgery care, we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive and effective treatments to the entire family.

Parent Involvement: 

We believe in involving parents in the treatment process and keeping them informed every step of the way.

Modern Techniques: 

We stay updated with the latest advancements in dentistry to offer the possible dental care to you and your little one.

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At myPediaclinic, we are committed to providing the highest quality care for your entire family’s dental needs. Schedule an appointment today and let us take care of your and your little one’s smile with our expert dental care and Supernumerary Surgeries.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Front

Supernumerary teeth are extra teeth that grow in addition to the normal set of teeth. These additional teeth can cause dental issues and may need to be treated.

If you notice extra teeth in your child's mouth, unusual gaps between their teeth, or problems with their tooth alignment, it's best to consult our expert Dentist for a thorough examination.

In many cases, removing supernumerary teeth is recommended to prevent dental issues and promote proper oral development. Consider visiting myPediaclinic to let our expert Dentists examine your condition and recommend a suitable treatment approach.

Adults may consider these surgeries if they have extra teeth that are causing dental issues, such as crowding, pain, or affecting the alignment of their existing teeth.

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Doctor Yasmin was very patient and professional, she is so experienced, not to mention great overall experience. Thank you very much.


I will start off by saying that I have never been a fan of visiting a Dentist. After meeting Dr Yasmin my whole family has fallen in love with her. Even being a new patient she gave an appointment as quickly as possible understanding the need of the hour.


Thank you Dr. Yasmin for your awesome work and support throughout our journey. Since we met, the journey has been smooth, painless, and fun. We love you.

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