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Our orthodontic specialist offers a comprehensive range of services from adult orthodontics to braces for kids.        
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Making the World a Better Place One Smile at a Time

Do you or your child shy away from smiling due to misaligned teeth or gaps? A flawless smile can boost your confidence. Discover the best orthodontist in Dubai at myPedia Clinic. Our award-winning pediatric orthodontist in Dubai offers top-quality, personalized care for children and teens, and a comprehensive range of services including adult orthodontics and braces for children. Our braces dentist in Dubai is here to fix your smile.

Welcome to myPedia Clinic, where we provide top-tier orthodontic care for children and adults in Dubai. Renowned for exceptional services and a patient-centered approach, we are the preferred choice for families seeking the best orthodontic treatments. Our expert orthodontist in Dubai are here to guide you through every step of your orthodontic journey.

How Can We Help You?

  • Corrective braces for children with appliances
  • Corrective braces for teens with appliances
  • Clear and ceramic braces for teens and adults
  • Invisalign and clear aligners for teens and adults
  • Jaw corrections
  • Metallic braces for teens and adults

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