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Let Your Food Be Your Medicine

Your Journey To A Healthy Life Can Begin At myPediaclinic

Looking for the best nutritionist in Dubai? myPediaClinic offers top-tier nutritional and dietary services tailored for all ages. Recognized as the best dietician in Dubai, the experts at myPediaClinic provide personalized nutrition plans to help you achieve your health goals. Whether you need dietary advice for weight management, pediatric nutrition, or chronic disease management, myPediaClinic’s experienced team is here to support you on your journey to better health. Visit myPediaClinic for expert nutritional guidance and start your path to a healthier lifestyle today. Improper eating habits can lead to malnourishment, or even obesity, both of which can be difficult issues to tackle. We offer individualized meal planning to help you and your family meet your health goals.

Whether you’re looking for the right nutrition advice while breastfeeding, ways to introduce solid foods to your baby, a weight management plan that helps your children attain their ideal weight and improve their eating habits, or help with ensuring the elderly in your home age with strength, our family nutritionist will be there every step of the way. Consult with the best nutritionist in Dubai and Dietician Dubai, UAE

myPediaclinic offers both adult and child nutrition consultations. Consultations are provided by Yasmine Haddad, Family Nutritionist in Dubai & Best Dietician in Dubai.

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    Nutrition and Dietician Consultations for Adults, Children and Teenagers

    myPediaclinic Offers Both Adult and Child Nutrition and Dietician Consultations.

    Nutrition Counseling Packages

    Nutrition and Dietician Consultations for Adults, Children and Teenagers- How do they start with Yasmine Haddad - Nutritionist in Dubai

    In every nutritional and dietitian consult, an in Body analysis (ie: body composition analysis) is a great start for a proper understanding of the body distribution and next steps to come. It is followed by setting goals and expectations and developing an individualized plan for the next few months.
    Weight loss results with Dr. Yasmine is usually a lifestyle change that is sustainable and not a yoyo or crash diet that is short lived and were weight bounces back.. You can achieve long lasting results and healthy eating habits. Book your appointment by calling our clinic on 04-4305926 or clicking on book your appointment.

    Nutrition Consultations for Children by
    Dr. Yasmine Haddad - Nutritionist in Dubai

    Dr. Yasmine strongly believes the key to a healthy life is an early start. It is all about preventing disease, obesity, or a nutritional deficiency. She has developed an obesity prevention program that has received outstanding results. It is never too early or too late to start learning about eating better. Yasmine sees babies from birth, including toddlers for starting solids consultations, reversing picky eating or preventing excess weight gain in early childhood. She also treat families as she believes the key to change is improving family eating habits and lifestyle as a whole and educating parents as well as care givers on nutrition and healthy habits and recipes.

    Nutritional counseling for children and teenagers is a very sensitive matter. It needs a lot of diplomacy and a whole lot of love. She uses a very gentle loving approach with children as she fully understands how weight can be causing concern, distress or clashes in the house. To start she really spends time gaining the trust of the child and developing rapport. Helping children with weight loss or being underweight, is no easy task- yet is totally achievable with the right diplomacy and tactic.

    Taking time to explain to a child about healthy nutrition, which food to eat for their age and body, helps kids understand their part on their journey towards healthy nutrition. She loves kids to embrace a healthy body image- away from feeling guilty or feeling bad about their body. It is indeed a very sensitive topic to kids according to their age. Kids depending on their age may do an Inbody analysis to give a better understanding of muscle vs fat composition in the body. Parents and children both love Yasmine’s awesome consultation. Many gifts later and a nutritional program for optimal results- parents are equipped with what they need to help their little one achieve their health goals.

    During her thorough nutrition consultation, yasmine also performs Nutritional Focused Physical Exam (NFPE) to better understand the nutritional needs of the child and to help rule out any vitamin deficiency or malnutrition. She may also perform blood tests and food intolerance tests if needed at myPediaclinic.

    Many parents have things they’d like to say without the children hearing them, feel free to e-mail Yasmine on Yasminehaddad@mypediaclinic.com after booking your consultation explaining whatever you’d like.


    Does Insurance Cover Nutrition Consultations?

    Several insurance companies cover nutrition consultations depending on your specific plan. We do fill re-reimbursement forms for you.

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