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Dr. Mohamed Hasab

Specialist Orthodontist

  • Interceptive orthodontics for young kids (early braces)
  • Myofunctional appliances for skeletal discrepancies 
  • Comprehensive orthodontic treatment / Orthognathic surgery (Jaw surgery)
  • Facial, dental aesthetics and smile design
  • Clear aligners (Invisalign)
  • Mini screws to reinforce braces 
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paediatrician in dubai

ABOUT My Pedia Clinic - srtikner

Dr. Mohamed Hasab

DrMohamed is experienced in all fields of dentistry and his true passion lies with Orthodontics. He has been focusing on teen Orthodontics and smile makeovers aiming to rehabilitate health, restore function and aesthetic. He has a particular interest in clear aligners (Invisalign) and myofunctional appliances. DrMohamed designs bespoke treatment plans to achieve stellar results.

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    paediatrician in dubai
    "I believe one of my strongest qualities is my ability to feel rewarded by creating amazing smiles here at myPediaclinic. Especially when I see the genuine change in my patient’s confidence at the end of treatment. Looking forward to look after you at myPediaclinic."
    paediatrician in dubai

    LET’S GET TO KNOW My Pedia Clinic - srtikner

    Dr. Mohamed Hasab

    Since I was a teenager I wanted to become an orthodontist because of the way braces changed my life, from a shy kid who used to hide his smile to a more confident, outgoing and social teenager.

    Honesty and integrity is my priority in all treatment plans to achieve the best possible smiles. Having good communication skills, with compassionate nature to put nervous patients at ease. In addition to being detail oriented.

    Swimming, reading and video games, also I’m into nutrition and fitness.

    If I wasn’t a doctor for sure I’d be an Olympic swimmer as I’m very competitive plus I enjoy floating on the water.