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Our Values

Our children’s clinic is built on the trust we’ve gained over the years due to our expertise. We are trained to use the most advanced technology that ensures you receive the right diagnosis with the least amount of discomfort and time spent.

Our children’s medical center is a place of warmth and compassion. From the moment you walk into the clinic, to the moment you leave, your healthcare experience is based on a culture befitting a state-of-the-art children’s clinic, with every interaction tailored to you and your child’s unique needs. Our patients particularly love our colorful, fun and comfortable treatment rooms, often developing a favorite, which include hand-painted murals of some of the most popular and loved cartoon characters, and even an electric train set!

At myPediaclinic, we believe in parents as partners, and are therefore dedicated to helping families develop healthy lifestyles. As a team we want to share our understanding of healthcare and pediatric healthcare with our patients, the community, and the world. We encourage and promote healthy daily habits, in print, on video, and here at the clinic, such as dental hygiene tips, nutritional meal plans, and ideas for regular, adequate physical activity.

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What's Special About myPediaclinic

MyPediaclinic is a state-of-the-art multi-specialty pediatric clinic in Dubai that is loved by children and parents alike.
It is a boutique multi speciality clinic covering all the needs of your child under one roof: Pediatrics, Pediatric Dentistry, Nutrition and Orthodontics.

A team of doctors in Dubai Healthcare City, a well established destination for health and wellness in Dubai. Our doctors use the latest technology to help with accurate diagnosis and treatment delivery.

Friendly decorated rooms with lots of entertainment – Virtual Reality, TV and TikTok videos. Special care for scared children, children with special needs and autism.

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Our Mission

To provide healthcare services for children by providing the services, the professionals, and the education.

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Our Vision

To be the pediatric specialized center among the vibrant community, while facilitating an individualized pediatric healthcare services.

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Our Principles

We maintain a safe environment, adhering to the highest healthcare standards by researching and implementing best practices, as well as consistently measuring outcomes and improving on our already level of quality healthcare.

As individual pediatric specialists in their respective disciplines, our doctors and healthcare practitioners collaborate and share knowledge, ensuring accountability and professional support, for the best patient outcomes.

Treating our patients and each other with empathy, kindness and compassion are key to not only the service standards at our clinic, but in creating a space for family-centered care and healing.

We welcome change, encourage innovation, and continually seek better, more effective ways to achieve patient goals. Collectively, we seek out new opportunities that improve our ability to meet your healthcare needs and demands, by optimizing the performance of our healthcare processes.

We strive to exceed our patients’ expectations, both in comfort and convenience, but above all, we adhere to the highest moral principles of professionalism, with honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect and transparency forming the foundation of our success.

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Our Goals

  • To maintain clinical excellence.
  • To achieve patient safety.

Our Objectives

  • Practicing team work and collaboration between the healthcare professionals.
  • Demonstrating empathy, kindness and warmth for every patient we encounter.

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Pediatric Clinics in Dubai

Owing to our doctors’ extensive knowledge, expertise and love for what they do, we had the honor to receive be the title of best pediatric clinic several times. Our reputation and commitment leds myPediaclinic in Dubai to receive multiple awards.

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Mother, Baby and
Child Magazine

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Multi-Specialty Clinic DHCA Excellence Awards 2020

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2018 by London Based MEA Magazine UAE Business Awards

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2019 by London Based MEA Markets Magazine UAE

paediatrician in dubai

2019 by London Based MEA Magazine UAE Business Awards

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2019 in the GCC Enterprise Awards

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The Brave Kids Clinic



Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban

Dr. Medhat Abu Shaaban

Pediatrician and Medical Director

pediatric dental clinic in dubai

Dr. Yasmin Kottait

Pediatric Dentist and General Manager

Dr. Mustafa Abdalla | Pediatric Dentists in Dubai

Dr. Mustafa Abdullah

Specialist Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Shaima Buhamer | Pediatric Dentist in Dubai

Dr. Shaima Buhamer

Specialist Pediatric Dentist

My Pedia Clinic - Dr Tina 2 1 1

Dr. Tina Rokadia

Prosthodontist, Airway Dentist

My Pedia Clinic - Dr. Mohammad 1

Dr. Mohamed Hasab

Specialist Orthodontist

My Pedia Clinic - Dr. Marjan Sanjarian

Dr. Marjan Sanjarian

Specialist Orthodontist

My Pedia Clinic - Dr Noura 1 e1676442960386

Dr. Noura Al Madfa

Specialist Orthodontist

My Pedia Clinic - Ms Ahad Hasan Falih

Ms. Ahed Hasan

Nutritionist & Clinical Dietitian


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Happy, Healthy Children

At myPediaclinic, we provide a comprehensive environment for your children’s health and wellbeing to ensure all of your child’s medical requirements are met, no matter how simple or complex they may be.


Years of Experience

Many years of experience and dedication of our expert team.


Patients Love Us


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