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About My Pedia Clinic | Voted Best Pediatric Clinic in Dubai

Fever? Cough? Picky Eating? Weight Loss? Dental concerns? We are here for you and we are just a call away. myPediaclinic is happy to announce that we have officially launched our virtual consultations. All you have to do is call 054 718 8123 to schedule your online consultation today!

Book your appointment by calling our clinic on 04-4305926. Find out more on the following Link.

myPediaclinic is a state-of-the-art multi-specialty pediatric clinic in Dubai that is loved by children and parents alike. In fact, we are proud to say that under the Leadership of award winning Pediatrician Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban, myPediaclinic has won "Dubai's Best Pediatric Clinic" Award as voted by parents on Mother, Baby and Child magazine. It has 4 departments: General Pediatrics, Nutrition, Lactation, Pediatric Dentistry, and Orthodentistry.

Our children and parents mention 3 main reasons they love myPediaClinic:

  1. Medical Care: They receive top notch medical treatment through the top doctors in the region and using the advanced technology that ensures the right diagnosis with the least time and pain. 
  2. Atmosphere: Every treatment room is created to be super fun and comfortable and tailored for the child's age
  3. Attitude: The attitude of every single staff member who loves working with children

Even though Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban, the pediatrician behind myPediaclinic offers routine check ups and vaccinations from newborns to 16 year old teenagers, myPediaclinic offers unique  pediatric services to children such as allergies and minor skin surgeries such as tongue and lip tie release that make myPediaclinic the right pediatric clinic for your children. As part of myPediaclinic, there is also a nutritionist and lactation consultant (IBCLC) Mirna Sabbagh ensuring that every child gets complete care from birth. myPediaclinic in Dubai will also soon be launching an outstanding pediatric clinic facility

An outstanding pediatric clinic and well educated and aware parents are two essential pillars in building the generation of tomorrow. Let's do this together.

A word by Dr Medhat Abu Shaaban (Your baby's pediatrician in Dubai)