My Child Is A Picky Eater Help?

Jul 07, 2020

Many parents think picky eating is just a phase. However, if you speak to any child nutritionist or the best Dietitian and Nutritionist in Dubai would advise that picky eating can cause issues with your child’s oral hygiene. Your child will naturally gravitate towards sugary or sweet foods because it tastes good to them, but that can lead to a range of issues such as cavities and poor nutrition. What causes children to be picky eaters?

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Nutritionist | Clinical Dietitian

Jul 07, 2020

Ms. Y. Haddad is a nutritionist and licensed clinical dietitian for all ages. Her mission is: help and motivate parents and children to introduce healthy eating habits and recipes into their daily lives. She feels she has conquered the world when she sees her patients achieving their wellbeing target and using nutrition daily and effortlessly.

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Tips to avoid getting infected with Coronavirus

Mar 25, 2020

hroughout these difficult times of the corona virus, our team of experts: Our pediatrician Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban, our dentist Dr. Yasmin Kottait, and dietitian Mirna Sabbagh will be sharing important coronavirus prevention tips.

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Seeing the dentist in light of the Coronavirus pandemic - Dr. Yasmin Kottait

Mar 20, 2020

In light of the coronavirus pandemic and regarding the importance of social distancing, when is it appropriate and necessary to see the dentist? Check this video by Dr. Yasmin Kottait to know more.

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Dr Yasmin educating and showing the kids how to properly wash their hands

Mar 17, 2020

Dr. Yasmin Kottait educating and showing the kids how to properly wash their hands to keep the coronavirus away!

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Fun moments between Yasma and our Dr. Medhat Abu Shaaban pediatrician in Dubai

Mar 11, 2020

Children should love their doctors and not be afraid of them. And it is the pediatrician's job to make sure of that. Watch the great chemistry and fun moments between our Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban and Yasma, the daughter of the TV presenter Mahira Abdel Aziz

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Getting children to cooperate is Dr Yasmins biggest strength!

Mar 06, 2020

Getting children to cooperate is Dr. Yasmin Kottait's biggest strength. This is why parents bring their children from all over the region to see her. No one wants to see their children suffer, and yet everyone wants a child’s teeth to be healthy. What’s the solution? Dr Yasmin Kottait!

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Dr Medhat Abu-Shaaban discusses coronavirus on Dubai TV

Mar 03, 2020

Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban, medical director and pediatrician at myPediaclinic (Voted best pediatric clinic in Dubai) discusses children’s health and Coronavirus on Dubai TV

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Post-Tongue Tie procedure - Testimony of the TV presenter Laura Buckwell

Feb 27, 2020

A tongue tie can affect breastfeeding in several ways. It may cause difficulty feeding, excessive gases, slow growth, or nipple pain. The tongue tie minor surgery takes around 10 minutes and can make the mother and baby feel much better afterwards.

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Tips to Prevent Dental Phobia in Children - Dr. Nidhi Kotak family and cosmetic dentist in Dubai

Feb 24, 2020

Dental fear is a frequent problem in dentistry. But parents can play a very important role to prevent dental phobia in kids. Watch this video by Dr. Nidhi Kottak, where she gives three important tips.

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