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A Guide to Helping Kids Eat More Greens

Is your toddler showing tantrums while having veggies? Does he/she run away as you bring green vegetables to eat? Motivating kids to eat veggies is no less than a challenge for parents. The green vegetable comes loaded with antioxidants and nutrients to boost immunity standards. Thus, it is essential to help your kid enjoy veggies while gaining nutrition. If you’re not sure how you can motivate the little one to in-taking greens, feel free to take the help of the best nutritionist in Dubai. Once you’re able to teach healthy eating habits to kids, the same is going to continue for a lifetime. 

Crucial Tips To Get Started With Veggies Intake For Kids

Let’s explore some of the proven ways to motivate the veggies intake in your kid’s daily eating habits.  

#1. Offer Vegetables as Snacks

Every kid loves to have some snacks every day. If your kid doesn’t like to eat green veggies in the form of curry or salad, consider trying to offer them as snacks. There are plenty of great options when it comes to vegetable-based snacks – 

  • Offer them vegetable sandwiches including spinach and mushroom along with veggies. You can even use bread slices, corn, and others to offer a mouth-craving sandwich to your child. 
  • Give them roasted tomatoes layered with cheese. 
  • Make a pizza using green vegetables as a topping 
  • Beetroot sticks, carrots, etc, with yogurt. 

A nutrition doctor in Dubai can suggest some worthy choices using veggies in the form of day-to-day snacks. 

#2. Develop Eating Together Habits

Children imitate and start learning from their parents from a very young age. Most of them end up copying the older ones. Hence, it is essential to develop a habit of eating together. 

Take vegetables in the form of curries and salads. As the kid sees you enjoying vegetables, he/she will also urge for the same. A pediatric nutritionist also suggests such eating habits to increase green veggies intake by your kids. 

Other than that, parents should keep talking about the nourishment and taste of the veggies. For instance, telling them that veggies intake can make them stronger can prepare their mindset in the expected direction. 

#3. Give them Time

Normally, parents tend to panic when their kids don’t eat the veggies. However, it is not the right thing to do as kids ignore green vegetables as a normal thing. 

The little ones are going to take time to accept the taste and flavor of veggies. They might show tantrums in the beginning but are going to consume them later if you keep trying politely. 

The best nutritionist in Dubai recommends introducing one or two vegetables in the beginning along with different accompaniments. For instance, some kids love to have veggies with bread, while others prefer them with rice. 

You need to figure out the liking and disliking of your kid when it comes to encouraging them to eat veggies. 

#4. Make Veggies Taste Better

Do your best when it comes to making the veggies tasty and mouth-watering. Kids aren’t going to eat the boiled or steamed ones just because they are nutrition-rich. 

One effective way to convince them is to enhance the veggie’s taste with roast or stir-fry. You can have your way to boost the taste factor in normal green vegetables. 

If we consider the advice of the best nutritionist in Dubai, add some herbs to the veggies to make them more delicious. Make the best use of herb butter or flavored oil while preparing them for your kid. 

Herbs even come with various benefits to the kid’s health and immunity standards. Bringing them into daily eating habits can keep the kid safe from bacterial infections like cold, fever, or flu. 

#5. Make Veggies Attractive

Vegetables come in a variety of colors and can be transformed into further attractive eatables. Kids love to eat the food that they find highly attractive. Take an instance of your little ones in a restaurant. They instantly point the finger at the attractive items irrespective of what it is. 

Thus, make the boring veggies interesting by decorating them with colors and a variety of shapes. Ensure placing them on the plate for an attractive look and feel. 

To make the boring veggies interesting, cut them into different shapes. Decorate these veggies on a plate to give them an attractive look. The pediatric nutritionist also suggests keeping an attractive design when preparing veggies for the kids. 

Some options are to use colorful ball peppers, beetroot, and cabbage along with a decorated plate. Try cutting them in hearts, squares, and circles to lure the little ones toward healthy eating.

Some Delicious Vegetable Recipes For Kids

Here are some of the delicious veggie recipe choices to adopt in your home eating habits. 

  • Cheese spinach or broccoli 
  • Crust pizza with cauliflower or broccoli 
  • Vegetable pasta with carrot, mushroom, and corns 
  • Bread pasta with spinach
  • Butter squash with roasted sweet potato
  • Colored and roasted vegetables
  • Baked chips and sesame seeds

Apart from these, there can be plenty of other delicious varieties of veggies for kids. The nutrition doctor in Dubai can be the best person to suggest some of the worthy vegetable choices for kids as well as adults in the family. 

Take Reliable Assistance Of My Pedia Clinic

Bad or unhealthy eating habits at a young age can lead to certain issues in the body. Be it malnourishment or obesity, the kids have to suffer from difficult issues in the long run. It becomes the duty of the parent to encourage veggies eating habits in your kid’s routine. However, it isn’t as easy as said, and that’s what brings the need for My Pedia Clinic. 

We are the best nutritionist in Dubai to offer individual meal planning and meet your family’s health goals. No matter if you’re seeking consultation for a child or adult, we bring the most personalized and unique assistance to your requirements. Expect some of the best consultations from an experienced family nutritionist and dietician, Yasmine Haddad. 

At My Pedia Clinic, we frame the best nutrition plan, weight management plan, and others to ensure the right nutrition in your family. 

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