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6 symptoms of tongue tie in children

The link between the front of the tongue and the floor of the mouth usually disappears as the infant grows. The tongue’s back remains connected. The frenulum can be overly short or too tight at times. It might cling to the front of the tongue and bind the tip of the tongue to the mouth’s […]

Can tongue-tie cause sleep problems in babies?

A tongue-tie is a thick, tight, or short strand of tissue behind the tongue that inhibits mobility and produces a functional problem. Tethered oral tissues refer to tongue ties and lip ties taken together. Sleep is often impacted, beginning in infancy. If tongue ties are not corrected, they can cause structural and functional abnormalities in […]

How to select the right crib for your baby?

Don’t know where to begin? Take the advice from skilled pediatric doctors.  Cribs are often used for the first 24 months of infancy. As a result, the age at which a kid transitions to a toddler or twin bed varies significantly. When your child is visibly too large for the crib and can get out […]

What are 5 good oral habits for kids?

It is important for kids to start developing good oral habits early on in life. Well, it is never too early or too late to start. Good oral habits help them develop a healthy mouth and more positive eating behaviors.  Children who have positive oral habits are less likely to experience dental problems as they […]