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Child Laser Surgery

Can My Child Benefit from Lip-Tie or Tongue-Tie Laser Surgery?

If your child is suffering from lip-tie or tongue-tie, that means they are unable to fully extend their mouth because of the length of their bands. This can affect a baby’s weight gain and development. Not only that, but it may also affect your child’s oral health by interfering with how they brush and floss. But don’t worry! Your child doesn’t need to suffer anymore, and they can benefit from the use of lip-tie or tongue-tie laser surgery.

Let’s discuss what is tip-tie or tongue-tie surgery, how it affects your child and how to fix this issue using surgery. 

What are Tongue-Ties and Lip-Ties?

First, let’s start with tongue-ties and lip-ties. “Tongue-tie” refers to a condition in which the tip of the tongue becomes permanently trapped between the front teeth, causing a short. This short can fill up quickly with saliva, which can help trap food particles and cause drooling, which is very unattractive for a baby. The same thing happens with lip-ties, except the band is located at the back of the mouth.

You can opt-in for lip-tie and tongue-tie laser surgery as it can help your baby achieve a more open mouth and less drooling. 

Why Do We Need to Fix Tongue-Ties and Lip-Ties?

A lip-tie or tongue-tie won’t interfere with your baby’s development, but there are some signs of a related health issue. Also, infants with tongue-tie issues cannot latch on to their mother’s breast properly, so they are most likely to suffer from low weight gain. The same thing happens with lip-tie, but infants will be more likely to suffer from dry mouth and tooth decay. Also, when they can’t be fed properly, their speech development and overall growth might be affected. 

The good news is that this issue can be fixed, but it must be fixed before the age of 3. After this age, fixing a tongue-tie or lip-tie involves general anesthesia. 

Correcting the Problem: Tongue-Tie Laser Surgery and Lip-Tie Laser Surgery

This issue should not be taken lightly if you think that your child has a tongue-tie or lip-tie. The sooner you can correct the problem, the less discomfort your child will experience.

There are two options to fix this problem: Traditional surgery and laser surgery methods.

Traditional Method

A traditional method is recommended if the band is located in a tricky place. A band-snipping procedure is performed with this method—the doctor cuts it off with scissors. This is done using a tongue depressor or an oral wedge to move your baby’s tongue out of the way gently. The doctor will then snip the band with scissors. This approach works as it is minimally invasive.

Laser Surgery

Also known as laser frenotomy, this procedure uses a specialized laser to cut through the band that’s restricting your baby’s range of movement without having to snip it with scissors. The duration of each procedure is not that long, and it is more effective than traditional laser band removal. It comes with a more comfortable recovery period, as well. Another benefit of laser surgery is that it leaves no stitches afterward.

Post-Operative Care for Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Laser Surgery

After your child has undergone laser surgery to correct their band, they will be advised to rest for at least a few hours. This is best for infants as they will need the time to recover from their procedure. Doctors may also provide you with some pain medication for the discomfort that can occur in the following days. 

Besides that, daily stretching is crucial to prevent tongue or lips from reattaching. Your child pediatrician will also provide you with several instructions about how to perform the correct stretches properly. 

Dental Benefits of Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Laser Surgery

Laser surgery will not only improve your baby’s appearance, but it will also improve the health of their teeth. The procedure will remove any excess saliva that can lead to tooth decay. Also, laser surgery improves mobility in the mouth, which allows them to clean their teeth properly.

Once your baby is two years old, they can visit a pediatric dentist and receive dental care. Whether you choose to go with traditional or laser surgery methods, these are proven effective in treating both tongue-tie and lip-tie conditions.

And if you feel that your child’s tongue-tie or lip-tie is affecting their oral health, you should speak with a board-certified pediatric dentist as soon as possible.

What do I do if I suspect my baby has a tongue tie?

If you suspect the tongue tie or lip and tongue tie in your child, you may schedule an appointment with a trained professional, such as a pediatric dentist. The earlier you address these issues, the less pain and suffering your child will have to endure in the future.

Is your child suffering from any of these conditions? If so, we are here to help. Contact us at MyPedia clinic today. Dr. Medhat Abu Shabaan will take care of your child’s lip or tongue tie issue as he is experienced in providing pediatric healthcare services in Dubai.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment today!

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