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Avoiding Seasonal Allergies in Dubai

Did you know that untreated nose allergy can cause ear infections and fluid in the middle ear which can cause irreversible damage such as hearing loss. In addition, the swelling inside the nose can cause mouth breathing and difficulty breathing. In addition to lack of sleep which may affect educational achievement. It can even affect the teeth and jaw shape requiring braces in the future. It’s important to avoid allergies and treat them properly when they do arise. Find out more with  Dr. Medhat Abu Shaaban, pediatrician in Dubai.


Make sure to discuss with a specialist the possibility of your children having allergy and how to treat them. To find out more, watch Dr. Medhat Abu Shaaban, Pediatrician and Allergy Specialist in Dubai discuss nose allergies in an Interview on Sabah Al Khair Ya Arab on MBC1 by clicking on the following link.

MBC Interview with Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban on seasonal nose allergy.

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