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Childhood Obesity and Weight Problems? Visit My Pedia Clinic – Dubai’s Award Winning Pediatric Clinic

If your child is obese or overweight, you will definitely be concerned about their health and wellbeing. Obesity can cause several health problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems and also self confidence problems.

A lot of times efforts made at home may not be enough, if your child is overweight or obese it is very important to see a pediatric nutritionist to help you with the nutritional needs of your child. Our pediatric clinic will do the necessary tests and our nutritionist will help you and your family reach your goals.

How our pediatric Clinic helps to give you better results

Our pediatric Clinic offers you the most effective & quick weight loss program UAE for the entire family to live a healthier, fitter lifestyle. The program digs straight into the problem and helps you resolve it at its core. Our goal is to empower your child and family with the right knowledge and tools to reach your health goals.

The Weight loss clinic Dubai works with children and families to develop a treatment program that personalized to their situation and goals.

The weight loss clinic is headed by a very prominent nutritionist / dietitian who ensures every child gets the right treatment. She uses an in body analysis to assess the Child’s weight, height, fat content, muscle content and provides a comparison to other children in that age. Rest assured you will get the correct treatment for your child suffering from overweight or obesity.

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