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Dangers of children training without a personal trainer – By Baraa El -Sabbagh Nutritionist and Personal Trainer in Dubai

Dangers Of Weight Training For Children Without A Trainer By Baraa El Sabbagh, Dubai Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

The topic weight training for children’s health is one of great interest to parents, especially in Dubai. Children have access to the gym facility in almost every building in Dubai and most of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it’s common for parents to be curious on whether or not the gym is a safe facility for their kids. Other health concerns and questions arise too, such as: are my kids eating well? Are they eating enough? How long should they exercise? What exercises should they be doing? To answer this question we asked Baraa El-Sabbagh, a prominent nutritionist and personal trainer in Dubai for her opinion on the benefits and dangers of certain exercises.

A Child’s Health & Happiness: Is my child eating well? Answered by Baraa El-Sabbagh, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist in Dubai

When it comes to the wellbeing of your child, the most important goals to strive for are health and happiness. As long as they’re healthy, you’re both happy! So how can you ensure you’re covering your bases when it comes to your child’s health? In regards to food, a nutritionist in Dubai is your best bet when you need to make sure your child is receiving all of the vitamins and nutrients they need as well as healthy alternatives for your picky eater. If your child doesn’t want that vegetable serving anywhere near their plate, a dietician can direct you to fun and creative recipes that can help you and also try to understand the root problem.

Weight Training For Children: Yes or No? Answered by Baraa El-Sabbagh, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist in Dubai

Children need about 60 minutes of movement every day. They’ve got tons of energy and they need an outlet for it. Playing tag and other games are great examples of cardio exercises for their endurance, but what about their muscles? Sure, they’re working them while hanging off the monkey bars, but should they be practicing strength training more regularly?

It’s great to get kids involved in weight training at a young age, because it gets them excited to continue doing it as they get older. It’s really up to them if weight training is the sport they want to pursue. But there are rules: You MUST get them a certified trainer and your child MUST be 8 years old and over. [b][c]

Benefits Of A Child Weight Training

Children can learn techniques that will make them well-rounded athletes.
Their bones get stronger, which will protect them from injuries later in life.
Your child will feel more confident.
Children will be able to maintain a healthy weight.
Strength training helps keep blood pressure levels normal.

Don’t Risk Injuries is the most important thing says Baraa El-Sabbagh, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist in Dubai

As. a personal trainer, if your child is involved in sports like basketball or soccer, then they’re getting a lot of aerobic exercises during their practices, which is awesome. But if they don’t have a desire to join a competitive sport and would much rather stay fit on their own terms, you can suggest weight training to them. The only problem is it’s so easy to get injured if the form isn’t right or the weights are too heavy, which is why it’s important to get in touch with a certified personal trainer in Dubai to coach your child in weights and strength.

Does my child need to eat differently when weight training? Baraa El-Sabbagh, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist in Dubai

You child might need to do some alterations to their diet depending on their goal, your personal trainer along with your nutritionist should be able to give you the right advice depending on the goal being weight loss or muscle building or a combination of both

Talk To Your Doctor First

As a personal trainer I will tell you, before embarking on this journey, it’s always best to get a doctor’s opinion. You need to check that your child doesn’t suffer from conditions like seizures, heart issues, and blood pressure, and then they’re cleared for takeoff!

Things To Remember

A child’s bones will not stop growing until puberty, so bulking up is out of the question during this phase.
If your child complains about weight training, don’t force them into it. They might not be ready.
Don’t let your child lift heavier than the trainer instructs.
Have your child join you in your workouts, but without weights. If a certified trainer is around, ask them for modifications that your child can do.
Make sure your kid is always supervised at the gym.

Safety First!

Hopefully all your questions were answered about kids and weight training. It’s a great idea overall but only under the supervision of a certified personal trainer. There are lots of blind spots when it comes to kids and strength training, so you need to ensure someone is always going to be supervising, leading, and coaching your kid the right way.

Guest Post Contributor: Baraa El Sabbagh is a registered dietitian, sports nutritionist, and personal trainer in Dubai. She hosts her own podcast called B for Better Health, where she brings on special guests and experts in the field of health and fitness. She also released multiple home workout programs suitable for all levels. Before being based in Dubai, Baraa studied in Beirut at the AUB.

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