Food Intolerance test for weight loss by Mirna Sabbagh, adult and child nutritionist

Nov 13, 2018

Could food intolerances be causing your weight gain? Definitely. You can opt to do a standard elimination diet with our dietitian or request a food intolerance test to find out about your food intolerances. Book your appointment by calling our clinic on 04-4305926 or clicking on  book your appointment and request the food intolerance test during your visit. You can also e-mail our dietitian on

food intolerances for IBS or weight gain testing in Dubai with best dietitian in Dubai Mirna Sabbagh

Mirna Sabbagh is one of Dubai's most prominent nutritionists. She sees patients from birth until the elderly years. She has helped thousands of individuals and families through her thorough approach where she focuses on teaching the patient skills and understanding proper nutrition for effective weight loss or to reach their health goals. Mirna focuses on changing the body and mind and focuses on a positive outlook for healthy living no matter how difficult the case may be. She is most known for successfully seeing results with many "hopeless" cases, who have tried several approaches and did not succeed previously. She frequently appears on regional TV channels such as MBC and AlArabiya as a regional nutrition expert and writes for several major magazines and is a speaker year round for hundreds of attendees. Book your appointment by calling our clinic on 04-4305926 or clicking on  book your appointment.

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