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Learn to spot the different kinds of skin rahses your baby has with Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban

Most children under the age of 1 get redness on the skin which is sometimes a simple irritation that is harmless and will go away, and other times it is a dangerous condition that needs medical attention. Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban, pediatrician behind myPediaclinic (Voted best pediatric clinic in Dubai) discusses skin conditions and rashes common in children before the age of 1 in the following article. Even though this post contains symptoms and pictures, it does not substitute proper diagnosis by a medical professional.

Newborn Acne

This type of skin irritation is very common in newborns. It is often caused by hormones the baby experiences during pregnancy. It may be white dots or red dots and usually goes away on its own. The mother can use a damp cloth to softly pat the baby’s face

Allergic Rash

Normal skin allergy makes many small dots that have a flat surface. It can be caused by foods, detergents, medications, or as a side effect of a bacterial or viral infection. This allergy may be mild and go away on it’s own or may get exacerbated and need immediate medical attention. If your child gets an allergic reaction it’s best to note down all the child consumed in 24 hours, in addition to any new places or activities the child engaged in and then discuss with a pediatrician the following steps.


Hives is an extreme irritation that could affect any part of the skin and its color is between red and white. What is different between hives and other skin conditions is that hives may be thicker and slightly raised above the skin. Hives is also quite irritating and scratchy. Children who have hives may need to take prescribed medication by the pediatrician in the dose appropriate for age and the condition. It may soothe the child to put cold patches on the skin.


Eczema is an extreme type of skin reaction. It may occur on any body part. It is quite bumpy, red, and scratchy and makes fluid filled blisters. Eczema needs to be assessed properly by an allergy specialist and the method of treatment should be discussed thoroughly.

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

Hand foot and mouth disease is a viral infection that causes extreme irritation and can cause fever. It forms blisters on the feet and in the mouth and can lead to dehydration. This becomes very common in nurseries and proper hygiene needs to be maintained at all times to avoid it.

Dr. Medhat has discussed the different types of skin irritation as an expert guest on Al-Arabiya.

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