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My Child Is A Picky Eater Help?

Many parents think picky eating is just a phase. However, if you speak to any child nutritionist or the best Dietitian and Nutritionist in Dubai would advise that picky eating can cause issues with your child’s oral hygiene. Your child will naturally gravitate towards sugary or sweet foods because it tastes good to them, but that can lead to a range of issues such as cavities and poor nutrition. What causes children to be picky eaters?

Causes Behind Picky Eating In Children

It might be frustrating to look at other parent’s children and see them happy to eat vegetables like carrots while your child pushes them away. There must be a reason why your child is pushing their plates of healthy food away. However, if you ask any child nutritionist, you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing it’s not your child. It’s normal for children to have picky eating habits, but this trait has various causes.

One surprising cause of picky eating in children is anxiety or depression. Many child nutritionists or pediatrists believe emotional issues cause picky eating. Unfortunately, if these psychological problems aren’t taken care of, they can cause deeper emotional issues.

Another cause of picky eating could be sensory issues. Your child might have a problem with hypersensitivity. It’s not that they don’t enjoy the taste of the food, but they become uncomfortable with the food’s smell or texture.

Consequences of Picky Eating

Many parents believe picky eating is just a phase that goes away. However, just because it might ba phase doesn’t mean it won’t cause your child’s long-term issues physically or psychologically. As mentioned before, if a psychological problem causes picky eating, they’ll have elevated levels of depression or anxiety as they age.

Children who don’t have their sensory issues taken care of will have intense sensory problems in the future. They might also have problems managing their emotions as they age, leading to more significant issues than just picky eating. When your child is only eating certain foods, then it could lead to mineral or vitamin deficiencies. They won’t be getting enough iron, zinc, or essential vitamins in their body that are essential in their development. Any child nutritionist will tell you that not getting the right nutrition will affect their immune system, cause weight issues, or create long-term dental problems.

Untreated picky eating may also cause social issues between you and your child. It might also cause problems during mealtimes at their daycare or school with their peers or teachers. There are some simple tips for handling children who are selective with their food.

Simple Tips For Children Who Are Picky Eaters

Your child might be picky, but you could make it irresistible for your child if you’re creative with the food presentation. Making food fun by being creative with the shapes or colors can make it easier for the child to consume the foods they need to eat. Another tip for getting your child to stop picky eating is to involve them in cooking. Involve them in everything from choosing the ingredients to helping stir the food. Of course, this needs to be a supervised experience as you don’t want them going into the kitchen and trying to turn on appliances by themselves until they’re old enough.

When you’re ready to get help for your child who is a picky eater, it’s also advised to see a child nutritionist. Getting your child help can be done by searching for the best Dietitian and nutritionist in Dubai.

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