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My Pedia Clinic wins Best Pediatric Clinic Award in Dubai by Mother, Baby, and Child magazine

myPediaclinic has won the award of “Best Pediatric Clinic in Dubai” by Mother, Baby & Child Magazine

Pediatrician Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban has taken the medical community in Dubai by storm. With the launch of his first project, myPediaclinic, becoming the new buzzword for a comprehensive, all-inclusive, child-friendly clinic in town, Dr. Abu-Shaaban aims not only to treat every little patient that walks into his doors, but also raise awareness on some of the pediatric world’s most common concerns nowadays.

Mother, Baby & Child takes an inside look into the doctor’s experience and his venture…

Tell us a bit about myPediaclinic, how was the idea spawned? And what makes it different from other paediatrician clinics?

Baby tips by Dr Medhat

The idea of myPediaclinic arose from the need we perceived in Dubai for state-of-the-art care centres that focus on high standards in medical care coupled with a “feel good” factor. We envisaged a care centre which would have kids and parents smile when they cross its door. To accomplish this, we hired professional interior design artists from the US and Jordan to come up with a thematic design for our reception area, waiting rooms, and exam rooms.

In terms of medical care, myPediaclinic joins highly experienced and accredited paediatricians with the latest technology in the paediatric medical care field and an extended support team of qualified nurses and administrative staff. I personally have over 20 years of experience in the US, many years of which were in affiliation with the world’s leading medical institution “Johns Hopkins”. I was also recognized as “Best Pediatrician” several times, an experience that I am glad to bring to Dubai.

We have also extended our services beyond the classical paediatrics clinic model, to offer support services and counseling to parents, as well as the “vision screening” service, which helps parents discover any vision issues in their children from early age.


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