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myPediaclinic will be launching an exceptional Pediatric Dentistry services in Dubai and you’ve never seen anything like it

At myPediaclinic (Voted best pediatric clinic in Dubai) we believe in supporting child health from the very beginning. The sooner we start with proper nutrition and preventive measures the better their overall health. By the same token, teeth hygiene should start from the moment babies get teeth. This is when Pediatric Dental visits to the Pediatric Dentist should start.

At myPediaclinic, we also believe in making the clinic visit as enjoyable as possible, and the services as simple as possible because we know that children especially toddlers do not like to sit still. An example of this is the 2 second vision screener which shortens the vision screening process by an hour and provides the same accurary!

Stemming from myPediaclinic’s philosophy we are so thrilled to announce the new Pediatric Dentistry clinic has launched. The Pediatric Dentist Dr. Yasmin Kottait is amazingly friendly and her skills are complemented with the latest technology which minimizes x-rays by using a special camera, the equipment also allows for painless numbing, in addition to entertainment virtual reality goggles which will entertain children during their checks! Our dentists will be providing children with dental tips on positive habits. The combination of talent and equipment is sure to give dental anxiety away.

We are thrilled to welcome you all! You are welcome to book your appointments from now for mid December.

When should I bring my child to the first dental visit?

Between 6-12 months as the first tooth erupts, visits to the Pediatric Dentist should start. No longer than the baby’s first year as per the American Pediatric Association.

How often should I bring my child for dental checks?

Every 6 months unless the Pediatric Dentist sees reason to come more frequently.

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