Nutritionist | Clinical Dietitian

Jul 07, 2020

Ms. Yasmine Haddad is a nutritionist and licensed clinical dietitian for all ages. Her mission is: help and motivate parents and children to introduce healthy eating habits and recipes into their daily lives. She feels she has conquered the world when she sees her patients achieving their wellbeing target and using nutrition daily and effortlessly.

Our family Nutrition Ms. Yasmine Haddad strongly believes the key to a life of good health is gradual lifestyle and behavioral changes. She works with patients in prevention of diseases and treating or handling the disease when it occurs. In addition, she has developed a weight management program that has given successful and sustainable results. Yasmine believes it is never too early or late to start learning about eating healthier. Y. Haddad sees babies from birth, including toddlers for introducing solids consultations. She has also come across Special Need’s Children and saw remarkable behavioral changes once a healthy eating pattern and nutrition was implemented. In her years of clinical practice, she has helped with educating Type 1 diabetes patients (children/adults) on carb counting. She encourages breastfeeding and does not deny its many benefits and thus has developed a special plan for new mothers on ways to reduce pregnancy weight while ensuring optimum nutrition and calories for breastfeeding. She believes even during pregnancy the women have to plan their meals and ensure adequate nutrition for both their baby and their health.

Her special experience is in:

  • Child and Teen Weight Management
  • Introducing Solids and Picky Eating in Children
  • Nutrition for Weight & Diabetes Management
  • Nutrition for Special Needs' children
  • Nutrition for Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Menopausal Women
  • Nutrition for Hormonal Imbalances  
  • Nutrition for Special Needs and Children with Autism

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