Online consultations myPediaclinic

Jan 24, 2020

Due to the coronavirus we have started doing online consultations for pediatrics, nutrition, and pediatric dentistry. Depending on your case you may be eligible for online or phone consultations. The staff will be able to inform you via telephone if your case warrants an in person visit or can be solved via video consultation.

To book an appointment please call our clinic numbers +971 50 898 5198 or  click the book your appointment link and the staff will book you an appointment that works according to you and the doctor's schedule. We will also send you a payment link.

What are the benefits of telehealth?


We are still seeing children at the clinic for emergency cases. As for other cases such as mild fever, sore throat, newborn questions, skin rash, wheezing, and blocked nose we are offering teleconsultations for diagnosis and treatment of your child’s case. This way you get the treatment for your child from the comfort of your home. Call 054 718 8123 to book your appointment    


The time at home could be a great time to learn new habits! Mirna Sabbagh our dietitian has an excellent 3 months and 6 months weight loss packages. The packages focus on teaching skills about weight loss for habits that last a life time. She also has a package of consultations for picky eaters and starting solids.  

Pediatric Dentistry:

You are not able to visit us for your follow up? We can still help. Dr Yasmin is still seeing emergency patients at the clinic. Great news, she is also offering her consults through telehealth for the following dental emergencies:
Pain at night، trauma or chipped tooth. broken filling، tooth abscess, and preventive dentistry visits for toddlers and babies.

Looking forward to continue serving you and giving you great quality service via our virtual consultations.

myPediaclinic in Dubai Health Care City is a multi-specialty pediatric clinic in Dubai that has been voted Best Pediatric Clinic in Dubai. myPediaclinic covers general pediatrics, child and teenager nutrition consultations, lactation (breastfeeding) consultations and Pediatric Dentistry. The clinic headed by Pediatrician Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban accepts patients from 0-18 years of age and accepts most insurances. Consultations include general pediatrics, routine checkups, vaccinations, minor surgeries such as tongue tie and many more. Looking for a Pediatrician, Pediatric Dentist, Nutritionist, or Lactation Consultant in Dubai? Make an appointment today.