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Parenting Approaches – Disciplining Your Child Part 1 – By Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban, Pediatrician in Dubai

Children love to experiment, and this helps with their intelligence and mental development. However, most parents get worried and constantly say no to their children because they don’t want them to get hurt. Learn what’s the solution with Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban, Pediatrician in Dubai.


الاطفال يحبون ان يسكتشفوا، و هذا يساعد في نموهم الذهني وزيادة نسبة ذكائهم. لكن معظم الاهالي يخافون على اولادهم ويمنعونهم من الاقتراب الى اي شيء قد يؤذيهم. اعرفي ما هو الحل مع دكتور الاطفال مدحت ابو شعبان.

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