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Tips to Help Your Child Reach Their Utmost Potential, Intelligence & Creativity

Children have tremendous potential in them to change the world for the better. Their ability to inspire, influence, and leave a positive mark at every encounter makes them truly remarkable. Parents must recognize and provide every opportunity possible to improve their child’s overall personality and sharpen their creative skills. 

Here’s how you can.

  • Have fun!

We all know that playing physical games is important for our mental health, physical health, and even relationships. But did you know that it’s also important for your child’s development? Your child’s education is not confined within the classroom walls, it stretches beyond that. Playing games—indoor and outdoor—helps children develop their intelligence, creativity, and motivation. Set a particular time in the day for this purpose. You can take them to the park, have friends over to play in your garden, or even set up a puzzle in your living room. When your child interacts with people from different backgrounds and beliefs, it will groom them to be better at understanding relationships, building positive friendships, and practicing empathy.

  • Promote imagination

Children need to be taught to rely on their abilities and be confident about their genuine ideas. Kids specialist in Dubai suggest parents encourage their child’s self-expression and spontaneity through drawing, creating, or constructing what they want. When your child uses their natural intelligence and instincts, it will enhance their creativity and problem-solving skills. Motivate them to create and design a card for their friend’s birthday, make a DIY (Do It Yourself) craftwork out of scrap papers and waste materials, or construct different figures using building blocks each time. This will also help in developing their cognitive skills and boosting their memory.

  • Challenge your little ones a little

Challenging your child to do something they’ve never done before will keep their mind active and healthy. It can be as simple as trying a new sport or hobby, learning a new skill like cooking or sewing, or even traveling and exploring nature. You must be open-minded when trying new things with your child so that they can see how far they can go if they work hard at something. Allowing your child to participate in the healthy competition will unleash their hidden capabilities and make them start believing in their originality. This can also be an opportunity to teach your child about failure and how they shouldn’t feel the need to always be number one. Learning to bounce back after every setback will make your child a better person and capable of handling challenges with utmost courage.

  •  Let them learn from others

Learning from others is a great way for your child to expand their horizons and comprehend different things. Expose your child to opportunities where they can learn from others who have been successful in the past or are currently working hard toward their goals. Your child can gain insight into what it means to be smart by looking at how these people think differently than they do, as well as how they approach problems differently. Talk to your Pediatrician in Dubai and schedule a cognitive assessment test for your child.

  • Teach your child to observe their surroundings

Observation is key to helping your child reach their fullest potential. This means that they need to be able to observe what works and what doesn’t, so they can then plan strategies accordingly. Have them draw a picture of what they are learning in school or at home, including all the steps involved in completing it. For example, drawing a picture of how they learnt gardening last week. Another practice is to ask them questions about what happened during their day today—for instance, “Did anything interesting happen?” or “How did you feel after doing this activity?.”  Engaging in daily conversations will enrich their knowledge and make them aware of the ways to respond to different situations.

  • Try new things! Every day!

Some days will be easier than others; maybe your child doesn’t want anything new today, or maybe they’re busy with schoolwork or sports practices—whatever may be the case, don’t let that stop you from trying something new every single day (or even every few days). If nothing else works out, try taking advantage of these tips:

Go to a library and check out some books together. Read together—or even better, have them read to you.

  • Play brain teasers or video games together
  • Build models or fix a broken toy
  • Play with their toys and let them show you what they like about them
  • Watch a movie together or make one up as a family.


  • Diet plays an important role

A healthy diet is a deal-breaker. Children, at their growing stage, require a lot of nutrition for the development of their bodies and healthier life and adulthood. Encouraging your child to eat healthily and stick to healthy eating habits will improve their function and overall energy level. Include iron-rich food to support growth and brain development, protein for strength, fiber for a healthy gut, and more in the diet.  Have a variety in their diet to make the plate interesting and compelling. Talk to your Pediatrician in Dubai for advice on the nutrition intake of your child.

In a nutshell

Parents have a responsibility to cultivate the best version of themselves—so that we can be there for their kids in the best way possible. The world is full of opportunities. Your little ones can be whatever they want to be!  When your child sees that you believe in them and are proud of what they do, it will inspire them to keep going. They need to know that their parents will always be there for them, no matter what happens. Ensure you don’t pressure them to excel as this could be counter-productive for them. If you start from a place of love and compassion, then there’s no limit to what you can achieve together!

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