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Tips to improve your child's immunity while traveling

Tips to improve your child’s immunity while traveling

So, how can you make sure you’re in good shape for your travels? What can you do to help your child maintain a healthy immune system before you travel? Check out our travel suggestions to keep in shape for your next vacation.


  1. Supplement with vitamins before and throughout your vacation.


When you’re on the road, it might be tough to eat all of the foods the  immune system need to function at its best. As a result, taking vitamin supplements (as directed by your pediatric doctor!) can help you stay healthy and active. Vitamin D, for example, might be particularly difficult to maintain throughout the winter months. Vitamin C supplements have also been found to reduce the risk of viral infection.  You may also begin a probiotics regimen to support your child’s body’s natural capacity to fight illness while keeping the digestive system on high alert.


  1. Apply COVID-19 regulations


Put on a face mask, sterilize or wash your hands, and keep your distance from others. Even before the coronavirus epidemic, this was a popular practice in Asia, and it is something we should do whether we have the flu or a cold. If we sneeze into our masks, for example, we restrict the spread of any infections we may be carrying to others. Even if your children aren’t sick, it’s a good idea to take these safety precautions and establish them in them as a habit to keep them from being infected. These regulations will be in place for a long period, especially in air travel.


  1. Get Vaccinated


Vaccinate your child for anything you can if your trusted pediatric doctor recommends it. Prior to this worldwide health crisis, many individuals had been getting flu shots for years. It can be a good idea to do so before you travel during flu season to avoid confusion between flu symptoms and COVID-19 symptoms. To attain herd immunity, we need 60 percent of the world population to be vaccinated. Because travel is one of the most effective ways for a virus to spread, taking precautions like this is an excellent approach to keep everyone safe.


  1. Maintain a clean nose and throat


Do you ever have the impression that you’re about to catch a cold? The continual desire to clean your throat, scratchy throat, stuffy nose…Yeah, fun stuff.    According to certain otorhinolaryngologists, this may be readily avoided by following a simple washing regimen. Get a sinus or neti pot rose from your neighborhood drugstore and spray away! Running this through your childs nasal canal can wipe out any unwanted microorganisms. Oral hygiene is also essential, thus a decent throat gargling product is essential. Changing your toothbrush on a regular basis might also help keep colds at bay. Get your children used to drinking fresh ginger, elderberry, or echinacea tea. It is terrific home treatment if you’re seeking for additional natural solutions.


  1. Never undervalue the importance of sleep.


Getting a good night’s sleep is critical for maintaining a healthy immune system for your child AND you. Sleep is essential for your general health, so it stands to reason that it will help you stay healthy when on business. To allow your body the chance to go through the entire cycle of REM sleep, aim for 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Getting adequate sleep is crucial for their mental and physical well-being, so if you have to forego a night out for a night in, do it! Headaches, weariness, itchy eyes, and other symptoms are frequently caused by a lack of sleep.

  1. Adjust properly to changing time zones

If you’re traveling lengthy distances, you’ll most certainly cross many time zones. Jetlag can cause your body’s intrinsic circadian cycle to be disrupted, which can have a significant impact on your immune system. Because children cannot adapt to sleep signals as quickly as adults, they may be more affected by jet lag and take longer to adapt once you arrive at your location. There are many beliefs that aim to unravel the enigma of jetlag. It’s all about how and when you expose yourself to natural light, and gradually doing so before your vacation is the greatest approach to avoid being jet lagged!

If your child’s immune system is weak, work together with your pediatric doctor to identify ways to boost their immunity. Because each child’s immune system is unique, a customized strategy is required. We work comfortably with your kid at My Pedia Clinic to ensure that their treatment is safe and effective.

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