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Vision Screening At myPediaclinic

Vision Screening at myPediaclinic: What To Expect

Vision screening is a brief check up for eyes and vision in children. It helps in detecting if there are any issues with vision, making it an important step in preventive care of eyes. Some eye problems have symptoms which can be noticed right away like red-eye, blinking or squinting. On the other hand, there are many other eye problems which may not show any symptoms and screening is necessary in order to detect those vision problems.

The child’s age determines what type of vision screening would be appropriate for them. In some vision screenings, the child may need to read or match images while other vision screenings may make the use of different devices in order to measure the position of the eye, the light’s reflection off the back of the eye or the light’s focus into the eye.

An eye check-up is recommended for babies at birth with the first complete vision test at the age of six months. Infants may show symptoms like the crossing of eyes or being unable to focus on an object up close. They may find it difficult to follow objects waved in front of them or even display some depth perception issue. These may not be serious vision problems themselves but they do indicate that early vision screening is needed. 

Vision screening plays an integral part in deducting how well the child’s eyes are functioning, indicating a problem if there is any and deciding if any treatment is necessary to overcome the problem. This is why an efficient, accurate and reliable vision screening is important.

MyPediaclinic uses the latest technology in vision screening. They use a state of the art device called a Plusoptix vision screener. This detects vision problems in children starting from the age of 5 months. Using the principle of a transillumination test, infrared light avoids glare keeping the pupils large. Besides this, it can simultaneously measure both eyes from a distance of 1 meter taking less than a second. The result of the vision screening is instant with full refraction recordings.

The Plusoptix vision screener includes a CSV interface for full integration to your EMR system. EMR system includes automated patient data import, export, and printing of the measurement report. These devices are not only efficient but very user friendly with their one button operation making them extremely easy to use.

Early and accurate detection of any eye problems is necessary in order to prevent a serious issue. Therefore, you should not wait for the symptoms to worsen before you act on them.

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