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When to Call the Doctor for Your Newborn Baby?

One of the most stressful times for a new parent is when their newborn baby isn't feeling well. It can be difficult to know if it's just a cold or something more serious, and it's important to know what signs would warrant a call to your doctor.

In this blog post, I'll discuss some of the different things that could happen with your child and how you should react based on those symptoms.

How to know if your newborn is sick?

You'll go to the pediatrician's office several times during your baby's first year. You can expect your baby to have a check-up when they are one week old, then at two weeks. You'll likely see the doctor again in another three to four weeks for their next well visit, and there's an additional appointment around six months of age.

Your baby might show signs of illness when you cannot take them to their scheduled appointment. It's important to know what other signs could cause concern that deserves immediate medical attention, especially when it comes to breathing problems or fever.

Common Signs of newborn illness

·      Call the pediatrician if your newborn:

·      Have a fever or cough.

·      Has a runny nose.

·      Have difficulty breathing.

·      Vomiting repeatedly.

·      Has diarrhea or diaper rash is severe.

·      Is difficult to wake up for feedings.

·      Has a problem with sleeping.

·      Crying more than usual.

·      Not responding to your sound.

What should you do?

A new parent may become overwhelmed when unsure if their newborn baby seems okay or sick. It's difficult to know the difference between a cold and something more serious.

Here are some things you can do that will help to determine if your baby needs medical attention:

Check temperature

If it's over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius), then they're likely running a fever due to something other than just being sick with the common cold. You'll need to contact your doctor's office during regular business hours to know what you should do next.

Notice Breathing

Keep an eye on their breathing and listen to the noise they make when they breathe in, out, or both. You can check your baby's chest movement for signs of labored breathing if it feels like they're having a hard time getting air in and out of their lungs. This might be a sign of something serious like pneumonia.

Check their diaper

When your baby has a fever over 100 degrees, check their diaper if it's also yellow or green. This is another sign that there might be an underlying medical problem, such as jaundice, which could indicate the need for treatment by your pediatrician immediately to avoid further complications.

Notice activities of your newborn

Keep an eye on their activity level and whether they seem weak or lazy. Besides that, notice the skin color around areas like lips and fingernails for signs that might indicate a blood problem such as jaundice.

Call your doctor's office right away if you suspect something more serious is happening with your baby. The doctor will continue to monitor them and decide whether they need additional medical attention, such as an immediate visit to the emergency room if their breathing is labored.

What else should you do?

If you're unable to reach someone right away at your pediatrician's office during regular business hours, then you should take your baby to the emergency room immediately.

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