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A Guide to Pediatric Acute Care

Whether you’re taking care of newborns, infants, or adolescents, we understand it’s not easy, especially for first-time parents. Ensuring your child’s healthy development requires you to be consistent and active in their care, always striving to understand them better, as well as being aware of potential health issues that may arise, and always ready to get the required medical attention that the circumstances may call for.

However, every newborn/infant is different and it is impossible to foresee which health problems may inflict the child and how severely. While a lot of common illnesses in children do not warrant worry and can be resolved at home, there are cases in which parents must involve the best pediatricians and medical professionals. In such cases, the child receives immediate care at a pediatrics clinic for their short-term medical needs.

In medical language we call this acute care.

What is Acute Care?

When applied specifically to newborns, infants, and adolescent children, acute care refers to the treatment of our little patients in a pediatric clinic or hospital setting by trained medical professionals like Dr. Medhat at myPediaclinic, one of the best Pediatricians in Dubai. Acute care can range from treatment of a severe injury, common viral infections, and developmental issues to regular health screening, administration of immunizations, and wellness check-ups. It also encompasses medical surgeries and physical and mental therapy that a child may require.

Common Problems That Warrant Sick Visits

Apart from heading over to your pediatrics clinic for your child’s scheduled developmental screenings, tests, and vaccinations, as a new parent, you should expect to make several trips to your pediatrician for sick visits. Here are some common issues that warrant a sick visit and their treatments:

1- Viral infections such as influenza. If you child exhibits symptoms of a developing flu, you should head over to a pediatrics clinic immediately, where the child will be tested for Influenza A and B. Additionally, pediatricians use RSV testing to diagnose infections when exhibiting symptoms point to multiple possibilities.

2- Bacterial infections such as streptococcal. These infections need to be diagnosed at the earliest. Streptococcal infections are diagnosed using rapid strep tests and in case of a positive results, your pediatrician will prescribe the relevant antibiotics.

3- Medicines for common allergies and infections are often administered to newborns and infants through a nebulizer. While nebulization can be carried out at home, it is always wise to first seek the knowledge and guidance of a qualified medical professional, and have them show you the best way forward.

4- Safe removal of foreign bodies. Many children often get a foreign body, such as food, small toys, etc. stuck in their nose. Safe removal is something that only a qualified pediatrician or pediatrics nurse can do.

5- Accidents and injuries that require immediate medical attention are also a very common reason for a trip to the emergency room and therefore, come under the umbrella of acute care. In cases of large, open wounds, the child may require stitches, which is a task best left to an experienced pediatrician. Pediatric clinics are also called on by parents for the safe removal of stitches.

6- Accumulation of abscess in body tissue and development of boils is common in children. When brought to the attention of a pediatrician, they will locate and drain the abscess/boil and advise on how best to aid the healing process.

If you encounter any of the aforementioned problems, don’t hesitate to contact us or just pop into our pediatric clinic in Dubai, UAE.

Acute Care At myPediaclinic

We understand that the prospect of your child being in the hospital can be quite worrisome for parents and is often a source of dread. Naturally, no parent wants their child in the typically, gloomy, unwelcoming hospital environment. Many families that visit us have told us of the extreme lengths they go to in order to avoid a sick visit.

This is why all of us at myPediaclinic work tirelessly to ensure that your child is welcomed into a warm, caring environment at our pediatric clinic in Dubai. Our trained medical professionals under the leadership of Dr. Medhat, one of UAE’s leading pediatricians, strive to make sure that any and all acute care and sick services that your child requires are available to you under one roof through distinct yet integrated pediatric departments ready to help you in your time of need. It is, after all, key that a timely diagnosis and proper intervention take place in order to safeguard your child’s health and promote proper development.

With myPediaclinic in Dubai, parents no longer have to be anxious about taking their child to a pediatrician. At myPediaclinic, we prioritize your child’s comfort and happiness. We are here around the clock to put you at ease and meet all your child’s medical requirements to the best of our abilities, no matter how simple or complex the issue.

For more information on what acute care is, what other circumstances warrant acute care, and how myPediaclinic is best suited to tend to your child’s acute conditions, feel free to call us or just head over to our clinic in Dubai anytime.








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