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5 Common Infant and Newborn Problems You Need To Be Aware Of

Your little bundles of joy are everything to you but in the first few years of their life, the reality is that they are susceptible to numerous illnesses. Of course, no parent wants their newborn or infant to get sick but almost all new parents have to, at some point, go through the pain of watching their child in discomfort.

However, there is a silver lining!

Thankfully, most of the common infant and newborn conditions are not severe and can easily be treated at home, at a pediatric clinic in Dubai, and definitely by the best pediatrician in Dubai. As a new parent, the first step to taking care of your newborn or infant is to be aware of these problems, including their symptoms.

Let’s start with the following five common medical issues that parents of most newborns and infants are likely to encounter at some point, and therefore seek out pediatrics in Dubai.

Condition 1: Nasal Congestion

Most babies experience nasal congestion (the dreaded stuffy nose) that often results in sneezes and may cause the baby to snort while breathing. Many infants go through the same. The cause for nasal congestion can either be dry air, irritants, allergies or at times a cold as well. These causes lead to swelling of nasal passages and the development of mucus. In some cases newborns also experience stuffy nasal passages due to leftover fluid from the womb.

However, none of this is cause for concern and there’s no rush to visit a pediatric clinic in Dubai. Often, nasal blockages clear up by themselves in a few weeks. The best pediatricians in Dubai will advise you to support the clearing by making use of humidifiers to keep the air around the baby moist, whilst also moistening the baby’s nose and avoiding smoking or wearing too much perfume near the baby. Nasal aspirators and saline drops can be used as well to clear the mucus.

If the stuffy nose causes difficulty breathing, lasts more than a few days, is accompanied by a fever, rash, or swelling, or is causing visible pain and discomfort to the baby, look to visit a pediatric clinic in Dubai or contact us to book an appointment.

Condition 2: Tear Duct and Salivary Gland Blockages

If your baby’s eyes are constantly watering, she/he most likely has blocked tear ducts. Many babies are born with closed/blocked tear ducts and it takes a few months for the membranes in the ducts to open properly. This happens on its own and is not a reason for worry or to rush to a pediatric clinic in Dubai.

However, if you see redness in the eye, some swelling, a green discharge from the eye, or any other symptom of an infection such as sensitivity to light, you should seek out a pediatric clinic in Dubai or get in touch with us to book an appointment with one of the best pediatricians in Dubai.

Newborns and infants can also suffer from blocked salivary ducts caused by salivary duct stones or a salivary gland infection. If your child has a dry mouth, has trouble opening/closing their mouth, or a swollen mouth, you should head over to a pediatric clinic in Dubai and receive the right care for the blocked salivary ducts.

Condition 3: Coughing

Infants can experience several different types of coughs. Sometimes, it’s possible to identify the most common ones in order to ascertain whether medical care is required or not. However, those doctors involved with pediatrics in Dubai are best suited to diagnose, including, at myPedia Clinic, some of the best pediatricians in Dubai.

Some common types of coughing include:

1. Wheezing cough: This indicates respiratory blockages and infection. Nebulizers and inhalers can help.

2. Barking cough (Croup cough):
The cough resembles a barking sound and leads to difficulty in breathing. It is caused by allergies, rapid change in temperatures, or in some cases viral respiratory infection. In most cases, it can be solved at home. Consider visiting a pediatric clinic in Dubai to consult a doctor at the onset of the cough.

3. Cough with a cold: Most colds are accompanied by coughing, either wet or dry. A cough with a cold goes away when the cold does.

4. Cough with a fever: Cough with mild fevers are not a cause for concern and are typically caused by colds. However, high-grade fevers along with coughing may indicate pneumonia and therefore you should visit a pediatric clinic in Dubai immediately.

Coughs in infants are very common but do tend to wear out younger babies. It is always a good idea to consult a doctor to ensure quick recovery. Dr. Medhat, one of the best pediatricians in Dubai, can help ascertain the right diagnosis due to his years of experience and particularly his understanding of pediatric allergies.

Condition 4 – Gastrointestinal Problems

The best pediatricians in Dubai see a number of gastrointestinal problems that are common in newborns and infants, such as:

1. Abdominal Distension: Babies with abdominal distension have rigid and swollen stomachs at all times, have reduced bowel movements, and experience vomiting. The cause is either gas or constipation, but in some cases an infection can be the reason as well. Visit a pediatric clinic in Dubai when symptoms appear.

2. Colic: Babies that cry when they aren’t sick or hungry may have colic caused by digestion issues. There are multiple over the counter medications that can help with this however sometimes doctors of pediatrics in Dubai will be necessary to help ensure relief.

3. Diarrhea, feeding problems, vomiting, reflux, and food intolerance: These gastrointestinal issues are extremely common and are caused by digestive issues. Consulting a pediatric clinic in Dubai at the onset of symptoms is the best course of action in resolving these problems.

Condition 5 – Skin Rashes

Skin problems such as diaper rashes, allergic rashes, and eczema are very common in newborns and infants, can be easily identified and treated at home, and don’t necessarily need a visit to a pediatric clinic in Dubai. However, it is very important to keep the baby’s skin clean and moisturized. Rubbing the skin during a reaction should be avoided and there are several over-the-counter medicines and creams available for treatment as well.

Cradle cap is another common skin rash with slightly different symptoms but similar remedies. If you see crusty or scaly patches on your baby’s scalp, cradle cap is the most likely cause.

Seek out the right pediatrics care in Dubai if a skin rash does not go away in a week or two.

Get The Best Care At myPediaclinic

Being aware of these common newborn and infant medical conditions is only the first step. New parents should also be informed on where to go for the best medical care for their child. Whilst there are countless pediatrics services in Dubai, only a few house expert pediatricians that cover an expansive range of newborn care services. myPediaclinic is one such pediatric clinic in Dubai, where we provide your child with the best care possible. Run by some of the best pediatricians in Dubai, we love working with children and are committed to making the lives of new parents easier.

If you need to see us for any of the aforementioned conditions or if there’s a different condition you’d like assessed, just get in touch Contact Us










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