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A Quick Guide to Pediatric Preventive Dentistry

We know now that practicing good oral hygiene throughout our lives is a key factor in maintaining our health and wellbeing. It has also become clear that the earlier we start taking regular, focused care of our oral hygiene, the healthier our teeth will be throughout our life.

Of course, with children, the responsibility of ensuring a child’s proper dental hygiene falls on parents. However, with so much to navigate each and every day, many parents overlook their children’s dental hygiene during their early years. This can happen for many reasons, including a lack of knowledge on what preventive dental care for children is, what it entails, and why it is important, as well as a lack of clarity on how best to approach preventive dentistry including when to start and where to get it.

Well, not to worry – we’re her to help. Keep reading and you’ll be well on your way to understanding preventive pediatric dentistry in no time.

What is Pediatric Preventive Dentistry?

Pediatric preventive dentistry focuses on children’s dental hygiene in order to:

  • Promote a healthy teething process and development of teeth and;
  • Protect their teeth from tooth decay and other related oral conditions such as tooth cavities and gum disease.

What can come as quite a surprise is that preventive pediatric dentistry starts even before a child starts teething! To ensure your baby’s good oral hygiene, our primary pediatric dentist, Dr. Yasmin [INSERT HYPERLINK], recommends that all parents:

  • Regularly clean their baby’s gums using a wet cloth and continue to do so with higher frequency once the baby has teeth, especially after meals.
  • Switch to a toothbrush with water a few months into teething, which is typically after the baby’s first birthday.
  • Focus on instilling the habit of brushing and flossing daily in your child from then on.

It’s important to note that preventive dentistry for children does not stop at regular brushing, but also comprises of the following dental treatments:

  • Regular dental checkups and exams: Take your child to a good pediatric dental clinic at regular quarterly or semi-annual intervals so that the pediatric dentist can screen their teeth for signs of tooth decay, cavities, or gum disease and guide you on how best to take care of your child’s teeth. At myPediaclinic we also help you make sure your little one’s teeth and jaw development is on the right track via safe and routine x-ray examinations.
  • Teeth cleaning: At your child’s dental checkups, your pediatric dentist will also conduct a thorough teeth cleaning to remove plaque and tartar. It is important to get your child a teeth cleaning atleast twice a year.
  • Fluoride treatments: To strengthen your child’s teeth and give them a confident smile, you can also bring your child to your pediatric dentist for a fluoride treatment. Fluoride enhances the enamel coating on teeth, making them more resistant to acid and bacteria that can cause decay and cavities.
  • Dental sealants: To prevent your child’s teeth against cavities, enamel loss, and decay, you can get dental sealants spread over their teeth to act as a barrier between the teeth and food particles. At myPediaclinic, we recommend dental sealants for children that are at a greater risk of tooth decay once their molars erupt. This is typically between their 6th and 12th
  • Mouth guards: If you have a sporty, athletic kid, you should get them a custom-fitted mouth guard to protect their teeth and avoid dental injuries during sports.

If you’re searching for a pediatric dental clinic that your child will love and look forward to visiting regularly for the best preventive pediatric dentistry treatment, then myPediaclinic is the answer. You can book an appointment or pop in for a visit anytime [INSERT CONTACT HYPERLINK] and find out more about how our preventive pediatric dentistry services can allow your child to never have to worry about decaying teeth.

Importance of Routine Dental Care for Children

Routine, preventive dental care for children is vital for many reasons, including how it helps reduce the risk of the following issues:

  • Gum disease
  • Teeth sensitivity
  • Cavities and decays
  • Dental injuries

It can also allow dentists to detect any major dental problems that may require additional care as early as possible, ensuring your child gets timely treatment and their smile remains as bright as ever.

Pediatric Dentistry the myPediaclinic Way

We understand that many parents feel uncomfortable bringing their infants to the dentist, fearing their child will go through discomfort. Similarly, many adolescent children can dread their visits to the dentist and inevitably, their dental hygiene suffers as a result. This is why at myPediaclinic, we’re focused on and renowned for creating the most warm and welcoming environment for children, with our experienced pediatric dentists and staff bringing years of experience. Combined with the latest medical technology designed with pediatric practices in mind, it’s not a surprise that parents that visit us speak of the delight and ease of what can often be a difficult experience.

Whether it’s a preventive dental procedure or a specialized dental treatment [INSERT DENTISTRY DEPARTMENT HYPERLINK], we make sure that all our little patients feel calm, comfortable and engaged with at our pediatric dental clinic in Dubai.

If you are parent to a newborn, infant, or young adolescent and based in the UAE, you don’t have to put off tending to your child’s dental hygiene any longer. As a leading pediatric dental clinic in UAE, all of us at myPediaclinic are ready to assist you with your child’s dental care and hygiene. If you have any questions, give us a call [INSERT CONTACT HYPERLINK] or head over to our dental clinic in UAE and we’ll be happy to help.








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