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What Is The Difference Between A Pediatric Surgeon And A Regular Pediatrician?

What is the difference between a pediatric surgeon and a regular pediatrician? It’s not just their title. Pediatric surgeons are specifically trained in surgery on children and infants. They deal with congenital abnormalities, birth defects, or complications from trauma.

On the other hand, Pediatricians diagnose and treat common illnesses among children. It can be health issues like diabetes, asthma, ear infections, strep throat, and pneumonia.

Want to learn all the differences between a pediatric doctor and a regular child pediatrician? Keep reading.

Difference Between a Pediatrician Vs. a Pediatric Surgeon

Here we are going to discuss the difference between these 2 medical terms:


The pediatrician’s responsibility is to diagnose and treat common illnesses among children. It includes treating illnesses like diabetes, asthma, ear infections, strep throat, and pneumonia.

They don’t only treat them medically but also perform surgeries and prescribe medications. You can also call them kids specialist doctors.

Pediatricians are doctors who specialize in the treatment of children. They see their patients in medical offices, where they conduct exams and order tests to look for issues.

Pediatricians urge for a healthy lifestyle for children, advising on nutrition and exercise regimens. They also conduct scheduled yearly appointments and give vaccines as well.

When necessary, they will consult with and refer to other specialists. For example, if a child has any kind of critical illness or injury.

Job Responsibilities of a Pediatrician

The job responsibilities of a pediatrician include:

●      Listen to their patient pain description and diagnose properly.

●      Administering medications to alleviate pain and prevent illness.

●      Help younger patients to maintain emotional and physical well-being.

●      Promoting and monitoring child health through proper nutrition and parental care.

Pediatric Surgeons

Pediatric surgeons are doctors that specialize in surgical operations for treating infants. It includes issues like congenital abnormalities or birth defects. They also treat children who have suffered from trauma such as car accidents, dog bites, gunshots, etc.

Since they work with infants, pediatric surgeons need to have a lot of patience during operations. It can take a long time to achieve the desired results due to their small body size and weight.

Job Responsibilities of a Pediatric Surgeon

The job responsibilities of a pediatrician include:

●    Assessing patients’ health conditions through physical examinations, MRIs/CT scans, etc.

●    Perform different tests such as blood tests and biopsy sample collection from specific parts of the patient’s body if needed.

●     Using high-tech equipment for diagnosis and surgery.

●  Coordinating with other doctors on the patient’s treatment plan to achieve desired results.

●     Performing surgical procedures to determine results.

Performing surgeries using advanced technology treatments is very delicate. The surgeon needs to be extra careful about their little patients’ body parts that are being operated upon.

If you have a child who has been diagnosed with an illness or injury that requires pediatric surgery, then it is best if they can see a specialist in this field right away.

You don’t want to endanger your little one’s life further than what they already are at the moment when seeking medical attention.

Pediatric surgeons work together with neurologists (those working specifically on children) and neonatologists specializing in newborns).


Q: What kind of surgeries do pediatric surgeons do?

Pediatric surgeons perform heart surgery, reconstructive surgery, brain tumor removal, and abdominal surgeries.

Q: Why do pediatric surgeons need to be skilled in teamwork?

Pediatric surgeons work with other medical professionals, so they must have good communication skills. They should work well under pressure. Furthermore, they also need excellent management skills to deal directly with patients.

Q: Do pediatricians deliver babies?

No, pediatricians are not allowed to deliver babies because they have different specializations. They work in healthcare facilities where actual birth happens and help mothers during the labor process if needed.

Q: What does pediatric surgery involve?

Pediatric surgery involves different types of surgical procedures performed on children. This procedure can be performed for different reasons like removing a tumor or cyst.

Q: What are the responsibilities of pediatric surgeons?

The responsibility of pediatric surgeons includes treating children with congenital anomalies and other birth defects. Also, it is their job to treat newborn infants who have problems during the labor process. The pediatric surgeon must-have skills

Q: What does a pediatrician do?

A pediatrician is a doctor who provides medical care for infants, toddlers, and adolescents. They also work as primary health care providers to provide check-ups for both young children and their parents/guardians from birth until the age of 18.

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