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Is It True That Braces Weaken The Teeth?

Braces have become very important in fixing teeth alignment. Despite its importance in making smiles beautiful, people often feel reluctant to have braces due to fear of teeth loss, discomfort, and pain. Are you worried about the health and strength of your or your kids teeth?

Well, there is no need to worry about the health and strength of your teeth if you are taking orthodontic treatment. It’s because braces neither make your teeth weak nor fall out. You may experience slightly loose teeth and pain for 2-3 days after every time your braces are tightened. 

In this blog, we will discuss the conditions of teeth weakness and fall out after braces.

Why does the Loosening of Teeth occur after Tightening your Braces? 

Some changes occur in the tooth-supporting structure, leading to temporary loosening when you get braces on your teeth. Braces exert a gentle force on teeth to correct their alignment. 

That force causes slight displacement in periodontal tissues and teeth bones. You will feel relief in pain after the first few days of every visit to your dentist. Stay calm and feel no worries about immediate tooth loss after having braces.

Can Braces Cause Permanent Teeth Weakness, Loosening, or Fallout?

 No doubt, a gentle force is good for your teeth' alignment, but excessive force may cause permanent tooth loss, weakness, or fall out. If you are experiencing tooth loss and weakness without brutal force, you might suffer from periodontal disease. 

Due to the presence of weak bones, even a slight force will result in the teeth falling out rather than a lack of support. The following are some conditions in which periodontal health gets affected. 

In Periodontitis

Periodontitis is a disorder in which both ligaments and alveolar bones get destroyed. Such weak tissues are not able to bear the force of braces. 

In such conditions, braces will cause teeth loss and fall out even at the start of treatment. Consult your dentist for maintenance of oral health with scaling, medicine, or any other treatment. 

Poor Oral Hygiene

Some people often claim that they have experienced tooth loss and fall out even in the presence of good periodontal health. It might happen due to poor oral hygiene. Accumulation of calculus and tartar leads to bacterial growth in the mouth. 

The more your teeth are prone to infection and inflammation, the more your teeth will be at risk of falling out. Seek some orthodontic cleaning treatment every year and brush your teeth flawlessly for good teeth health.

Excessive Force

Another condition that often causes teeth loss, weakness, and falls out is the application of excessive force. With such poor dental assistance, your teeth’ roots, bones, and ligaments will become weak and damaged. 

Moreover, an excessive force can affect the inner teeth and gums’ pulp. It depicts you should get your braces from an experienced orthodontist.

Braces don’t affect the health of teeth as far as your oral hygiene, and periodontitis is good. To keep your teeth’ position aligned and correct, you should upgrade your periodontal health. Your teeth will fall out permanently if and only if you are affected by periodontitis or excessive force. Take great care of your oral and periodontal health and hygiene to avoid permanent tooth mobility from braces. 

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