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What are the important child developmental milestones?

Watching your child grow up is one of the most rewarding things about being a parent. Every stage of development for a child can exciting from their first word to their first step. As a parent, you might be concerned if your child is hitting the right milestones at the right age.

The good news is that there’s usually no cause for concern. Each child grows at his or her speed. However, a parent needs to know what the expected developmental milestones for their children are and when to visit a pediatric doctor.

What are the normal baby developmental milestones?

A child pediatrician will look for certain things when tracking a baby’s development. They look for:

Body movements: The development of motor skills is one of the key indicators in determining where a child is in their developmental stage. A pediatric doctor will look for large and small body movements that use different muscles like walking, sitting, holding toys, and picking up items. 

Vision and hearing: Another crucial developmental stage in children is their vision and hearing. Pediatricians will observe how well your child can see and comprehend what they see. Likewise, they will also observe how well a child can hear and whether they can recognize what they hear.

Language: The ability to speak and comprehend words is considered a key stage in a child’s development. While parents might worry if their children are slow to start speaking, they should keep in mind that every child progresses at their speed. 

Social behavior: At a certain age, children will start to begin interacting with individuals other than their parents. The skills needed to play and communicate with others are a crucial part of any child’s growth.

Should I be concerned if my baby is developing slowly?

As we mentioned earlier, children develop at different rates. Some children might start speaking at the age of one while other children might take more time. However, this is usually not a cause for concern.

Regular checkups at a pediatric doctor will let you know if there are any issues with your baby’s development.

How often should children visit the pediatrician?

Regularly scheduled checkups with a pediatrician should be done according to your child’s age. Checkups should be done at key stages during their first year of life at 4, 6, and 9 months of age. Toddlers should visit a pediatric clinic at least every 3 months till they reach two years of age. Once your child passes two, regular checkups once a year is recommended.

When to see a pediatrician?

Apart from regularly scheduled checkups, you should see a pediatrician if your child:

·      Seems to have difficulty seeing and hearing things

·      Does not move their arms or legs much

·      Has difficulty holding their head up after 4 months old

·      Does not sit properly after 10 months

·      Doesn’t interact with you or show a lack of interest in their surroundings

·      Does not respond to sounds

·      Has not started to say words by 18 months

·      Cries for longer than three hours a day

There are few things more concerning to a parent than their child’s wellbeing. Usually, your baby is in fine health and is just growing at its speed. However, it is better to err on the side of caution. Regular checkups and visiting a pediatric doctor will help ensure that your child is developmentally on the right track. And if you’re looking for quality child-care at the highest level, visit the best pediatrician in Dubai.