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Good Nutrition

Why is good nutrition important?

Everyone knows that good nutrition is important. Like our parents told us and as their parents told them, we tell our children to eat well. It’s so fundamentally ingrained in our minds that we rarely stop to think why. 


So, let’s think about it.


What are the benefits of good nutrition, and why do we need it to be healthy? 


Heart health

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the world, and the middle east is no exception. In a 2015 study done by The World Bank, 34% of all deaths in the middle east were due to cardiovascular disease. The top risk factor for CVD is diet and lifestyle. The food we eat can have a major impact on our heart and blood pressure. To surmise, our nutrition affects our heart health.


For a healthy heart, our nutritionist Dubai recommends following a diet with:


·      Low-fat or fat-free dairy products

·      Plenty of fish & poultry

·      Nuts

·      Reduced sugar and sodium intake

·      Food high in fiber


Better immune system

When we think of a healthy immune system, we think of our diet. What we eat is a key part of ensuring that our immune system works as efficiently as possible. A balanced intake of food rich in minerals and vitamins that our body needs like citrus fruits, broccoli, ginger, nuts, and yogurt. 


Better Memory

A healthy diet can also do a lot for improving your brain health as well as your memory. One of the things that happen to us as we age is that we tend to lose our memory. A healthy lifestyle combined with the right nutrients can do a lot for you in reducing cognitive decline.


Reduce effects of aging

We know that nutritional needs are different for different ages. As we age, our body becomes less capable of certain nutrients. Take collagen, the protein that is responsible for skin elasticity, is harder for the body to produce as one grows older. Vitamin C helps with increasing the body’s collagen. Food rich in antioxidants and vitamins like citrus fruits, berries, and leafy greens can also help reduce the effects of aging.


Better mental health

According to some studies, our diet plays an important role in our overall mental well-being. Too many refined carbohydrates like those found in cakes and bread, have been observed to trigger symptoms of depression and can cause fatigue. Talk to a licensed dietitian if you have concerns about your diet. Our nutritionist Dubairecommends having a diet with plenty of vegetables, fruit, and grain.


Better digestive health

The bacteria in our stomach help with our digestion and metabolism. Certain food can affect the bacteria that can lead to inflammation and stomach issues. The probiotics in fermented products can help maintain a healthy gut microbiome. Probiotic-rich food includes yogurt and fermented dishes like kimchi, kefir, and miso.


Weight Loss

Having a healthy weight means having a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. Obesity is the leading cause of many illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. Having a well-balanced and nutritious diet means a healthier lifestyle.


If you believe your diet is lacking or just want to improve your nutrition, talk to a registered nutritionist. Our dietitian Dubai can help analyze your diet and recommend the appropriate diet suited for you. And if you have kids, check out our easy to prepare healthy school lunch ideas for kids.